L4D2 Pre-Purchase unfair regional pricing

If you are thinking about pre-purchasing L4D2, you should think twice, as you might be yet another victim of Valve’s regional pricing scam.

Previously only differing the price between US Dollar, Euro and British Pound, they now topped it by even discriminating between the European countries.

So we not only have the well known unfair price difference between Dollar, Euro and Pound:

US L4D2 Pre-Purchase: $44.99

EU L4D2 Pre-Purchase: 44,99€

UK L4D2 Pre-Purchase: £26.99

but also differences between european contries:

Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and a lot of others pay the high, unfair price of 44,99€ (L4D2)
http://store.steampowered.com/app/550/?cc=de (or /?cc= fr, nl, dk, fi, se..)

while countries like: Poland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Lithuania and a few other – for incomprehensible reasons -, pay a much cheaper price of 34,19€, which is only slightly more than the UK price in Euro!

Thats a price difference of 10€ or even 20€ less when buying a bundle of four L4D2 copies.


1.) Gifting cheap games to friends in an expensive, foreign region is thankfully still possible, eventhough it probably won’t be for long, judging from recent developements.

So have a good foreign friend who lives in a cheap priced region gift you L4D2, after sending him the money via PayPal or likewise.

2.) If you can live without the “exclusive baseball bat” weapon that comes with Steam Pre-Purchases: Don’t support the Steam Regime at all and Pre-Order L4D2 on Amazon.co.uk for the cheapest of all prices: £26.99 (29,26€)

German users should be aware that L4D2, like 1, will be censored again, when buying from their region.

Buy the game at Amazon.co.uk or have a foreign friend gift it to you, for uncensored Zombie Slaughter.

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  1. slay

    DrOssi, go to forum and read the Pm I will send to you

    Well, we need one more, who wants Left4Dead2 for cheap (~25€)

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  2. DrOssi

    @ Slay, i’d be interested
    How can i contact u?


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  3. Hun73rdk

    Left4dead 2 in store here in Denmark is

    DK= 44.19€
    Steam: 44.99€

    as it stands right now

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  4. slay

    good, 2 more :)

    come on, guys, left4dead2 for cheap, ca ~25€, need 2 buyers more :)

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  5. glubbar

    Count me in Slay. :]

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  6. slay

    for tier 3 l4d2 4-pack costs ~102€. 102/4 = 25,5€ per game

    so there is your lower than 30€

    so who is in? who wants to get game for cheap? anyone?

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  7. Rad-86

    l4d2 pre-order cost me about 22€ … HOW? we bought a 4-pack in the UK.. £80.99 to be exact..

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  8. rick

    Nice! Sorry but I’m happy ’cause steam lowered price for Lithuania! :) See we still don’t have Euro and because of that game prices seem very high. I just wish they made the price 44.99Lt that would be approx 13€ :) Now the game price is 118.29Lt which is still pretty high for the local folk.

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  9. glubbar

    I concur with and follow Secu|Fox there.

    Also, have you noticed how L4D2 is already listed as a “Top Seller” on Steam Store… although it’s not even OUT yet?

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  10. glubbar

    Steam is bullshit. Why don’t they listen?

    The article should use some more underlined or bold fonts on the German censorship part. Cause this is also a real problem.

    I’m not buying L4D2 until it gets around 30€. Period.
    And yeah, I can wait. (I can also get workarounds heh… thank you teh interweb).

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  11. just_do_it_ffs


    Thanks I’ll take it into consideration:)

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  12. Dragoon


    I wouldn’t strongly advised not to try it.
    If Valve finds out/suspect they will certainly ban both accounts.
    Check Google about that issue.
    Be advised that Valve crosscheck you credit card/ Paypal account nationality against your IP address. Which I think is just an other case of discrimination based on your IP address.

    Anyway when I was on holidays in UK I used the opportunity to benefit from the cheap prices in UK. I bought two games from Steam, but I had to talk with Valve Support first to accept my NOT UK PayPal account.
    Otherwise they would suspended my account for investigation.
    As you see Valve can be pretty mean.

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  13. just_do_it_ffs

    Is it possible to create a Steam-account via US proxy and gift your own account and pay in $?

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  14. deer

    Great :( fix your wordpress

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  15. deer

    It probably won’t be for long, judging from recent developements…
    What do you mean by that? Just preordered L4D2 4 pack ;D sweet deal for 25€ each.

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