GameFly: List of sales for the week!


GameFly is having lots of deals so I’m just gonna list those here for you. This 20% off coupon code (GFDMAR20UK) applies to digital content, preorders, downloads and DLC and can be used more than once. Coupon expires 15/3/13. Most of the games listed below are Steam redeemable, some are Origin redeemable, there’s always info if it works on Steam or any other platform or not. Check before you buy!

Below you find a list of our digital sales for this week, 11-Mar to 18-Mar:

Title SRP £ % Disc Sale Price From To
Dungeon Siege III £14.99 75% £3.75 11-Mar 14-Mar
Just Cause 2 £13.99 75% £3.49 11-Mar 14-Mar
Kayne & Lynch 2: Dog Days £11.99 75% £2.99 11-Mar 14-Mar
Supreme Commander 2 £9.99 75% £2.49 11-Mar 14-Mar
The Last Remnant £9.99 75% £2.49 11-Mar 14-Mar
Mini Nijas £9.99 75% £2.49 11-Mar 14-Mar
Battlestations Pacific £13.99 75% £3.49 11-Mar 14-Mar
Hitman Collection £14.99 75% £3.75 11-Mar 14-Mar
Front Mission Evolved £14.99 75% £3.75 11-Mar 14-Mar
Wargame European Escalation £23.99 66% £8.16 12-Mar 14-Mar
Train Simulator 2013 £24.99 75% £6.25 12-Mar 14-Mar
Crusader Kings II £34.99 75% £8.75 12-Mar 14-Mar
F1 2012 (MAC) £29.99 35% £19.49 14-Mar 17-Mar
F1 2012 (PC) £24.99 60% £9.99 15-Mar 17-Mar
F1 Race Stars £24.99 75% £6.25 15-Mar 17-Mar
Rome Total War £9.99 75% £2.49 15-Mar 18-Mar
Medieval II: Total War £12.99 75% £3.25 15-Mar 18-Mar
Empire: Total War £12.99 75% £3.25 15-Mar 18-Mar
Napoleon Total War £12.99 75% £3.25 15-Mar 18-Mar
Total War: Shogun 2 £24.99 75% £6.25 15-Mar 18-Mar
Total War: Shohun 2 Fall of the Samurai £24.99 75% £6.25 15-Mar 18-Mar
Dragon Age: Origins £14.99 33% £9.99 15-Mar 18-Mar
Dragon Age II £14.99 33% £9.99 15-Mar 18-Mar

We have highlighted the hot key offers in bold.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Nathan1

    Just tried to buy Train Simulator 2013. Is anyone else having a problem paying with PayPal on gamefly? Seems they’ve got a bug in their system – the payment page isn’t letting me proceed with PayPal without filling out all my credit card info (which defeats the whole point)!

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  2. ajaxmansion

    well i buy it and i get only Dungeon Siege 3 if someone want to know but also you’l get all dlc

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  3. ajaxmansion

    if i buy Dungeon Siege 3 do i will get and other 2 previous parts because in steam i’l get all of them if i buy Dungeon Siege 3

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    1. stranded

      I don’t know, you ask them a question here:

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