Green Man Gaming is 5 years old!

I can't believe that Green Man Gaming is younger than us, it's still one of the best Steam alternative stores out there and right now they are celebrating their 5th birthday with a bunch of deals and a special voucher: HAPPY5-THBIRT-HDAY20 Simply enter in the code above at the checkout to get 20% off - even the birthday sales! Happy Birthday GMG! Remember you gotta check their site every day…


Encore sale on GMG, 50 games on sale for the last time!

Running until Monday 25th August 2014, all the 50 games and their incredible prices will come back for 2 days. Get up to 80% off titles like The Walking Dead: Season 1, Half Life 1, Half Life 2, Borderlands 2 and many more.

That’s not all as a deal tastes better with a voucher! We have extended our sitewide 20% voucher, which is also redeemable on those 50 games. Just use the code below during checkout:


The 30 Indie Games You Must Play list also has its Encore. Discover some must play games that you may have missed! The 20% is valid on these games, too!

Expand this post to see the list of 50 games and their prices!



Child of Light 20% off, UPlay redeemable

This looks awesome!!! It uses Rayman Legends engine as far as I know and it’s currently 20% off on Green Man Gaming. I’m really glad that old school 2D platformers are back on the market. Check the game on GMG site and remember to use the code to get extra 20% off: FUSWJT-B1DU64-JBV8UY. This one is redeemable on UPlay and it’s a pre-purchase.


Green Man Gaming: Spring Weekend Deals

That’s right, here’s another huge sale, this time on Green Man Gaming. Additionally they’ve just issued a new 20% off voucher code: GMG20-FDSCL-AQQXD. The 20% off voucher code applies to brand new Scirbblenauts Unlimited. Also there’s even bigger 25% off select pre-purchase titles. Just use voucher code GMG25-S0FSG-R7Z9B at checkout on any of these titles: Dead Island Riptide Defiance and Defiance Digital Deluxe Edition (Until it’s release this Tuesday) Metro:…


GameFly: List of sales for the week!

GameFly is having lots of deals so I’m just gonna list those here for you. This 20% off coupon code (GFDMAR20UK) applies to digital content, preorders, downloads and DLC and can be used more than once. Coupon expires 15/3/13. Most of the games listed below are Steam redeemable, some are Origin redeemable, there’s always info if it works on Steam or any other platform or not. Check before you buy!…


GameFly: List of sales for the whole week!

GameFly is having lots of deals so I’m just gonna list those here for you. Remember to use the brand new 20% OFF coupon code: GFDMAR20UK! Title SRP $ % Disc Sale Price From To Battlefield 3 £29.99 50% £14.99 4-Mar 7-Mar Battlefielfd Bad Company 2 £14.99 67% £4.95 4-Mar 7-Mar Mirror’s Edge £14.99 67% £4.95 4-Mar 7-Mar The Saboteur £14.99 75% £3.75 4-Mar 7-Mar Medal of Honor £14.99 75%…