1 Year Anniversary

I can not believe it was a year ago! It all started with an innocent Steam Store Beta, which introduced the dreadful "conversion" 1€ = 1$. Few days later (despite the many comments on the official forums) they decided to introduce a new currency on Steam. The next day, I’ve created the “Looks like $1 = €1 after all” thread and later decided to create a website with rants about that conversion.

With the new currency introduced some strange coincidence happened, EA Games suddenly put their games in the Steam store.

For me, and many others on the Steam Forums, discussion with any of the "moderators" or Valve employess ended with ban. Then we decided to let publishers and game designers know that their games are overpriced on Steam. We e-mailed every single publisher/developer on Steam and received like 2 responses (from The Witcher makers, Savage 2 makers and some other indie devs). I think the rest of them didn’t even read our message.

Then we decided to go around it and let know game magazines and gaming websites about it. No luck here too. I guess most of them were American and they don’t care. Few European gaming websites (in Germany, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic and so on) wrote about it and from what we’ve seen on the comment pages no one was happy about it.

And finally we e-mailed Gabe Newell, Valve employess (one by one!), Steam support and none of them replied.

Oh and in the middle of all this we informed European Comission about the price differences between USA – Europe and United Kingdom – the rest of European countries (European Union countries come to mind).

After few weeks they responded with a pretty good letter which explained us that Valve can do whatever they want when it comes to USA – Europe price differences. As for United Kingdom most of us still don’t agree with Valve policy. Why can’t European Union citizens buy games in United Kingdom? Because apparently for Valve United Kingdom is not a part of European Union.

Anyway enough about this – we can’t do anything about it, we’re nobody comparing to Valve. It’s not like they’re going to change it now since they’ve already introduced (faulty) tiers system.

So we moved on… what do we do now? Do I know? Not really. But I think exposing flaws of Steam and it’s opponents (Impulse, Direct2Drive, Impulse, Good Old Games, G2Play) is our main goal right now. As well as providing the best deals on the Internet (including discount codes especially for our readers, free cdkeys some magazines give away from time to time and so on). By the way you can access this page by it’s brand new additional domain: http://www.digitaldistributions.eu!

We do some mini-reviews of games on Steam and other platforms too but this is more like fun than being serious ;-)

OK now the final thing, I think you guys will like this!

Check this website on December 19th (Saturday)!

Secret Event coming up!

Meanwhile “Looks like $1 = €1 after all” thread on Steam forums is over 806,000 responses – I think all of you should go there and post a short message (don’t spam) to just let Valve know that this is not going to fade away – maybe this year someone will actually respond?





16 responses to “1 Year Anniversary”

  1. netlork Avatar

    19th of december here and now in spain! XD

  2. endgame Avatar

    Happy birthday! \o/

    It’s nice to see that, unlike some groups who disperse or go numb after their demands have not been met, we’re still here, that we evolved into an actual community.
    Personally, I think this website is awesome and that you’re doing a very good job maintaining and updating it and I hope you will continue to do this for as long as possible because, along with vg247, n4g and gametrailers.com it has become one of the sites that I visit daily.

    Thank you for all this!
    Cheers! ;)

  3. Kossak Avatar

    Happy birthday! S2 is really the best, either if it comes to fair prices or making great games (look Heroes of Newerth).

    Keep up the good work guys.

  4. Dragoon Avatar

    Happy birthday and I hope for many more to come. :D

  5. just_do_it_ffs Avatar

    Not suprized that S2Games(Savage 2) answered, best gamedevelopers ever!<3

  6. Gokburt Avatar

    Happy birthday :D Can’t wait for Saturday :D

  7. MarkAltair Avatar


  8. Jibece Avatar

    UNhappy birthday, one yeah is too long for this fucking up.

    But you make great job ;)

  9. pedro Avatar

    You’ve done very well, thank you from Spain

  10. CptWasp Avatar

    Happy birthday and thank you for the service you are offering.

  11. Darman Avatar

    Yay cake and yay Steam Unpowered

  12. _KaszpiR_ Avatar

    coding coding coding ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  13. netlork Avatar

    Happy birthday guys!!! :D

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