Steam: Qvadriga pricing in Europe is a joke!

“Welcome to the Roman circus!”  It is actually funny on how the developers react to gamers pointing out the bad pricing. Read below. One of our members (X37) pointed out to the game developers on the official discussion forum that the pricing is bad for Europe (as usual..) and that they should use the correct conversion. Here’s a screenshot in case it gets taken down: And here is the response:…


1 Year Anniversary

I can not believe it was a year ago! It all started with an innocent Steam Store Beta, which introduced the dreadful "conversion" 1€ = 1$. Few days later (despite the many comments on the official forums) they decided to introduce a new currency on Steam. The next day, I’ve created the “Looks like $1 = €1 after all” thread and later decided to create a website with rants about that conversion.

With the new currency introduced some strange coincidence happened, EA Games suddenly put their games in the Steam store.

For me, and many others on the Steam Forums, discussion with any of the "moderators" or Valve employess ended with ban. Then we decided to let publishers and game designers know that their games are overpriced on Steam. We e-mailed every single publisher/developer on Steam and received like 2 responses (from The Witcher makers, Savage 2 makers and some other indie devs). I think the rest of them didn’t even read our message.