Steam will most likely raise prices in Europe on the 1/1/2015

The new European Union legislation takes effect in January 2015. It is forcing online services like Steam, Origin, Uplay, Netflix, Spotify (which is simply amazing!), Amazon and others to pay taxes to the country where the user buys the product or service from instead of where the company is. Valve has their European headquarters in Luxemburg where the taxes are 3% or even lower due to a tax agreement (for more info check out…


Steam: Qvadriga pricing in Europe is a joke!

“Welcome to the Roman circus!”  It is actually funny on how the developers react to gamers pointing out the bad pricing. Read below. One of our members (X37) pointed out to the game developers on the official discussion forum that the pricing is bad for Europe (as usual..) and that they should use the correct conversion. Here’s a screenshot in case it gets taken down: And here is the response:…


Weekend Deals 22.03.13 (updated!)

Hello, spring is finally here. A little bit snowy but still! You gotta check out our Spring Lottery 2013 if you haven’t already. Free games and stuff for random winners. But enough about that, here are the deals for the upcoming weekend. As usual this post will be updated through out the weekend with the latest deals on the net.

Also we do take expanding this website very seriously so in the near future we might surprise you with some random events and more! Stay tuned…

Weekend Deals

Update #1: Postal series deal added.
Update #2:
Added new coupons – 10% off GameFly purchases and new 20% off for GMG.
Update #3: More deals from GMG.
Update #4: Sega Action Pack on sale on GamersGate.



Weekend Deals 15.03.13 (updated!)

Hello and welcome. Spring is almost here! You should all be playing outside by now unless you have tons of snow out of nowhere like I currently do. Fucking winter. Anyway here are the deals for the weekend. Some of these were already posted few days ago. Have fun this weekend, I know I will!

Weekend Deals

Update #1: Added deals from Good Old Games.
Update #2: Added deal for Viking Battle for Asgard from GamersGate. Steam redeemable.



And now we wait…

The letter to the European Commission has been sent! We have almost reached 1,000 signatures on the petition (it’s around 900 right now). I’ve changed it up a little, added few sentences about the petition and stuff like that. But if you want you can send the same letter just copy paste it from the petition page or change it slightly (we don’t want to make it spam right?) and…


European Union: Online Dispute Resolution

The European Union is constantly trying to brake all boundaries between states and law but even now, most of the time, consumers don’t want to order things and goods from other EU countries just because they’re afraid of some kind of failure of what they’ve ordered and they simply don’t trust stores abroad when it comes to returns, warranty and other things. However, the new web platform called Online Dispute…


1 Year Anniversary

I can not believe it was a year ago! It all started with an innocent Steam Store Beta, which introduced the dreadful "conversion" 1€ = 1$. Few days later (despite the many comments on the official forums) they decided to introduce a new currency on Steam. The next day, I’ve created the “Looks like $1 = €1 after all” thread and later decided to create a website with rants about that conversion.

With the new currency introduced some strange coincidence happened, EA Games suddenly put their games in the Steam store.

For me, and many others on the Steam Forums, discussion with any of the "moderators" or Valve employess ended with ban. Then we decided to let publishers and game designers know that their games are overpriced on Steam. We e-mailed every single publisher/developer on Steam and received like 2 responses (from The Witcher makers, Savage 2 makers and some other indie devs). I think the rest of them didn’t even read our message.