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  • Our Steam group have just been hijacked from Steam, join the new one!

    Our Steam group has just been removed from Steam by someone who claims to be the new tyrant, a dickhead called TZer0, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it because I was not the original admin of the group. So far this guy have removed me from the group and ditched everything that…

  • Winter Giveaway 2016 winners!

    Here are the randomly picked winners from this post on our Steam group. Please add me to your Steam friends list first and I will send you the game key/gift. If you won’t do that the game won’t be given to anybody until next time so please do so. Most of these games were sponsored…

  • Last chance to participate in Halloween Giveaway 2016!

    Go here to leave a comment and have a chance to win some free Steam games. The event ends today, winners will be announced yesterday tomorrow. Edit: Sorry for the typo ;)

  • Halloween Giveaway 2016 coming October 31st!

    You will have a chance to win some scary Steam games! Come back on October 31st to participate in our annual Halloween Giveaway. No bullshit likes, no subscriptions. This time you will have to leave a comment under special Steam group post. That’s it. Winners are going to be picked few days after.

  • Poll Time: Would you want us to expand?

    Hello. We’ve been wondering for a while now if you guys expect us to expand in the near future. Please vote in the poll below. There are lots of ideas such as making a video podcast of some sort concerning prices and game availablity around the planet and even crazy ideas like invading some huge…

  • Summer Giveaway

    Click on the image below to participate in the lottery!  

  • 1 Year Anniversary

    I can not believe it was a year ago! It all started with an innocent Steam Store Beta, which introduced the dreadful "conversion" 1€ = 1$. Few days later (despite the many comments on the official forums) they decided to introduce a new currency on Steam. The next day, I’ve created the “Looks like $1…