Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition with co-op mode

The Ultimate Edition of Zeno Clash was ported from Orange Box engine to the Left 4 Dead-ish engine and it should be working a little bit smoother on the XboX 360. Unfortunately the Source engine is limiting the Ace Team in making the PlayStation 3 version possible.

The game is going to have a cooperative mode, a bunch of new attack moves, enemies and weapons. The very well known Tower Challenge mode from the Steam version of the game is going to have a 2 player mode so it should be a little more interesting.

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition is scheduled to come out on XboX Live Arcade in March 2010.

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  1. SILence

    Great game!
    Good, interesting gameplay and fantastic design.

    Ultimate Edition extras are planned to be released for PC after they finished the XBLA-version, so i guess we’ll be able to play it in may or june.

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  2. Kossak

    i wish they would add coop to PC version

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