Windows 10 is going to kick ass

Here’s a quick post about Windows 10 conference. They have showed a lot of goodies on it. First of all Windows 10 is going to be free for current Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. But only for the first year after that you will have to pay for the system. How much? I have no idea. It won’t be subscription based as people speculated earlier, that’s good – it was confirmed after the conference.

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Finally, they have made the system apps unified. It basically means that the apps will be consistent through out all the platforms – phones, tablets and computers running Windows 10. You can see how it looks like on the screenshots below.

They have improved the looks since the last technical preview. Looks fucking nice if you ask me:

And for the first time you will be able to stream your Xbox One games to your PC or tablet which could be pretty awesome, so if you have Xbox One you can launch it on your tablet, notebook or PC.

The Xbox App looks pretty sweet. It acts sort of like Steam and Facebook combined. You can even sync that with your Xbox One and see your games on the list and of course stream them to your PC or tablet. Check out these screenshots:

Microsoft also said that there is not a single problem with Steam running on Windows 10 and the guy even played some Civilization Beyond Earth for a bit.

Another cool thing is the HoloLens, imagine playing Minecraft like this:

So will this be a failure just like Windows 8? I really doubt it. They have changed the whole policy in their company it seems. It’s all about users and their ideas this time. Remember if you are using Windows 10 leave them ideas and report bugs through that nice little feedback app.

They have also announced Fable Legends to have cross platform gameplay between Xbox One and PC players and of course the PC version of the game to come out soon:

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Mofixil

    Yay, we’ll be able to stream games from inferior hardware with even more input lag :D
    If Win10 turns out to be AWESOME as they claim, I might upgrade.

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  2. Slowboy

    So, we finally gonna get 8.1 on steroids? Cool. I love that new menu start. The only thing I don’t get is streaming from XBone to PC. Dang it MS, you should find a way to run XBone games on PC instead. After all, XBone is using x86 APU ;)

    And guys, listen, guys! DX12 won’t be a thing for like 3-5 years. Just look at 11.2. Heck, even 11 is not wholly utilized by gamedevs and it’s been already out for some time. You may say: “Slow, you faggit, but it clearly says that my game is using DX11 hurr!”. Well, yep, it may use DX9-10 compatibility mode that’s built in in DX11, not the DX11 itself. And believe me, list of games that’s doing this, is really really long.

    I fucking code in that thing :)

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  3. egon099

    well if DirectX 12 is half as good as they promise then it is a victory by itself.

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  4. stranded

    Oh yeah forgot about DX12, but I wouldn’t expect miracles out of it.

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  5. egon099

    Oh and lets not forget DirectX 12

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  6. egon099

    Hmm.. Wasn’t the upgrade during the first year and you keep it entire supported lifetime of the devise (don’t know about formatting tho).
    There were so many cool stuff. Interested in Cortana too. And wondering if I’ll like Spartan.
    Can’t wait for the new build too.

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