Weekend Deals (26.03.10)

Hi guys, sorry for being late ;)


(updated – added GoG & Torchlight)

As you may already be aware that Steam is giving away excellent Diablo-like (almost the same creators though!) RPG named Torchlight! For very damn good price – 75% discount! US: $19.99 $5.00 / UK: £14.99 £3.75 (12% higher) / EU: 15,99€ 4,–€ (7% higher). Get it now, lots of them and save for friends! Who doesn’t know, what or who Torchlight is, then check the review here.

GetGames has also nice deals. Items on sale: Alien vs Predator (-33%), Napoleon Total War (-33%) & Empire – Total War (-66%). Check the details from forum post by Rad86N here. Fortunately you can change the currency and buy the item in selected currency and price (which may vary). As there are no complaints against EU users buying in $ or £, so I think that it can be “exploited” :)
Btw, they have Easter Sale campaign (78 games!!) where you can save lots! Check it out here!

GamersGate doesn’t hold back also and is offering Gothic II Gold edition (-40% – €5.97)Mini Ninjas (-50% – €19.95), Torchlight (-75% – 3.98€), Rig’n’Roll (get King of the Road for free) (-12% – €34.95), Bioshock 1 + 2 Bundle (€49.95).

Direct2Drive has discounts for Torchlight, Empire Total War, The Path. Check the homepage.

Impulse has still the same offers as Thursday, so this is their weekend deal – 9 items including 3 geo-restricted games. See them here (or don’t bother).

GamesPlanet offers also Empire – Total War £29.99 £9.59 (10.65€). Here is link. Btw, they are offering Bioshock 1 + 2 bundle for £29.99 ($44.5 / 33.3€), it is probably the BEST price on the market. Link here.

GameTap has 66% discount for Empire – Total War – $10.10 (6.8£ / 7.5€). Link here.

Games for Windows LIVE revealed this weekend deal – small arcade game called Viva Piñata with 75% discount – $19.99 $4.99. This started on 26th and ends on 29th March.

Good Old Games is offering Kalypso strategy games with 50% discount. Check it here. Thanks, Creiorly, for the hint!

Torchlight official homepage is selling Torchlight for 5$ also – Beginning on Friday March 26th at noon and lasting through Sunday evening March 28th (PST), you can pick up Torchlight for an incredible 75% off – $5.00. Thanks, epsylon_Z1, for the hint!


So that’s all, folks.

Have fun, don’t spend too much and raise a glass for me! :)

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  1. slay

    Thanks, guys! :)

    I have one small video for birthdays :)

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  2. Rad86N

    slay is getting older hehe.. like all of us! duuhh xD happy b-day 2days ago i hope..
    bought witcher(after having a brainstorm lol.. im not one for RPGs) and demigod thanks to Creiorly and Kossak

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  3. joeangry

    happy birthday ^^

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  4. Dragoon

    How did I missed that. So embarrassing.
    Happy Birthday! :)

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  5. MarkAltair

    Happy B-day Bro !

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  6. slay

    @ Creiorly – thanks! :)

    @ Kossak – it is georestricted for me, so I didn’t bother to look at the territories, I categorized it automatically to “US and Canada only”, like all those others previously released EA games and X-Com Complete.

    So if you can, get it :D Witcher is a RPG with good gfx and story, based on fantasy book by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Recommended to every RPG fans, also FPS guys may find it attractive :) Well you can have sexual intercourse with various women there. Don’t have to stick around with only one like in Bioware games :)

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  7. Kossak

    Impulse best deal is The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut for $10

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  8. Creiorly

    Happy Birthday!! :)

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