GetGames: Guild Wars 2 at 60% off

Update: This seems to be over. Whoever got it have fun! Guild Wars 2 is currently on sale on GetGames being 60% off makes it a little over 20€ for the standard version and nearly 30€ for the deluxe one. Check it out here.


Holiday deals huge wave + poll

24th Dec update: Added Impulse Christmas sale & updated EA store X-mas deal – 33% discount from all released games   Steam Steam surprised with total madness – they have over 1000 games on sale! Also they have new kinda “bonus deal” every day (ie, if got HL2, Portal will be lots cheaper). So check it out EVERY day, because every day is new deal with awesome prices. But beware…


Ubisoft sale on GetGames!

Some great deals on some Ubisoft titles. You can visit this page: Including: Anno 1404 for £7.99/14.99€, Call of Juarez 2: Bound in Blood for £4.99/7.99€, Assassin's Creed for £9.99/14.99€, Settlers 5, 6 & 7 bundle for just £19.97/27.97€! This week also sees the release of Sid Meier's Civilization V. They are selling it at £26.99!


Weekend Deals (07.05.10)

Hi, so it is busy weekend this time :) Lots of good deals for everyone. PS. Do not forget, that week deals still apply :D   Steam is celebrating Civilization V (SteamWorks) pre-sale and is offering Civilization IV series with 75% discount! Get the whole package for 10€! PS. In Direct2Drive you can get it for 4,95€! Also we have Civilization III complete for 1,25€! Oh, I forgot, there is…


Weekend Deals (23.04.10)

Don’t forget to check out week deals post, it still applies on this weekend also.   Steam - Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ -50% - US: $29.99 $14.99 / UK: £19.99 £9.99 (2% higher) / EU: 24,99€ 12,49€ (10% higher), Steam is celebrating also new DLC called “Passing” for Left 4 Dead 2 with 33% discount - US: $29.99 $20.09 / UK: £19.99 £13.39 (2% higher) / EU Tier1:…


Weekend Deals (09.04.10)

Hi, Sorry for being late :) And thanks, stranded, for this beautiful logo :) As you all did read stranded forum post about GamersGate weekend deals, I’ll give only small list here: Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge – 50% OFF, Jagged Alliance 2: Gold – 50% OFF, Gothic 3 Gold – 40% OFF, Kane & Lynch Dead Men – 60% OFF, Wings of Prey – 50% OFF, World War 2:…


Weekend Deals (02.04.10)

Hello, April fools, happy Easter! :)   small update: added more games to GamesPlanet, Impulse, added GoG and Charlie’s Games!   The fun is now over and eggs are painted, so now it’s time to look at the table filled with various cakes by several online distributors. GamersGate filled almost whole table, so we probably need to get another one. Here is what they offer this time: Bob Came in…


Weekend Deals (26.03.10)

Hi guys, sorry for being late ;)   (updated – added GoG & Torchlight) As you may already be aware that Steam is giving away excellent Diablo-like (almost the same creators though!) RPG named Torchlight! For very damn good price - 75% discount! US: $19.99 $5.00 / UK: £14.99 £3.75 (12% higher) / EU: 15,99€ 4,--€ (7% higher). Get it now, lots of them and save for friends! Who doesn’t…


Weekend Deals (19.03.10)

Hi, guys! So you all hoped that there will be no weekend deal report again and you don’t have to spend money on this weekend? You thought wrong! :D Don’t be afraid, take out your credit card and read on :)   GamersGate presents this weekend deal: Painkiller: Resurrection for 29.95€ 17.97€ (-40%) (Steam price: $29.99/£19.99/29.99€). GamersGate has always other (daily) deals running, so check them all out here or…


Weekend Deals (05.03.10)

6th March update: added Toki Tori on Steam.   Good early morning. Let’s make it quick. Steam Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is available for 75% off until Monday! ($7.49/£5.49/6.99€). Steam added Toki Tori also on sale with 50% discount ($2.45/£1.62/2,23€). GamersGate Condemned: Criminal Origins, Elliptic Twist (also available on Mac). And more here (total 23 titles)! Impulse is offering 22 titles this time! Check the list here like: Spore, Hearts…


GetGames now expanded!

The long wait has paid now off. Get Games is now live and offering more games than simply just one! Following our fantastic Serious Sam launch offer, we’ve expanded our gaming catalogue to include a stellar selection of independent and publisher titles, details of which are listed below. And that’s not all – over the coming weeks Get Games will be adding many, many more titles, offering you over 150…


Get Games launches!

Get Games is the brand new digital download service from the team that created Eurogamer. They have a very special offer: Serious Sam HD for £9.99! Get it now! Over the coming weeks they will be adding a fantastic range of new releases, indie games, classic titles and free-to-play games to the site. So make sure you register today to take advantage of the world's lowest price on Serious Sam…