Weekend Deals (15.11.13) + random contest!

Here we are with another set of deals for the weekend. Oh and first one who tells me on Steam what cartoon is this below wins free Steam game (comments below count too)! :D And remember to participate in our Spooky Lottery it ends on Sunday so hurry up!!! Tell your friends and enemies.

Update: The winner is Spaqin – he won King’s Bounty: The Legend. Congrats! :)

Green Man Gaming

Starting Friday customers will be able to save up to 75% off a ton of SEGA, Square Enix, Kalypso Media and Telltale Games! Some of these deals will only be around for 24 hours, so it’s not worth waiting around. Including but definitely not limited to:

From Saturday things really spin up as a marathon of Sonic game deals spring up:

From Sunday things will be a bit quieter, but only because Agent 47 leaves no trace:

We’ll also have a ton more deals throughout the week so make sure to check the store and aim the sights at the best deals available!

There are also vouchers** available for use this weekend. Just in time for the launch of Contrast! The GMG25 code is only available on the listed titles below, and per usual vouchers the listed games may be subject to change (normally not though)




Fallout games weekend plus a bunch of others and an extra 20% off code below.

GFDNOV20UK – 20% off code for ya.


Overlord games are now 75% off.


5 titles on sale, click below to see them!


Call of Duty Ghosts 40% off – 35,90€

Battlefield 4 + China Rising 35% off – 38,90€



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I run this place! :D

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  1. Pavel Kohout

    Ye, as far as I know it is quite popular in Japan, for example…

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  2. Gokburt

    That show was on Norwegian TV when I was a kid :)

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  3. Tevetolvaj

    Awww, the little mole I always felt so sorry for him when something bad happened to him. I just wanted to give him a hug. *Sigh* I miss my childhood

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  4. Vlastimil Máca

    “Krteček” ( it means mole ) from Czech Republic :) … he was in space too :)

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  5. Spaqin

    That’s Czechoslovakian “Krtek”,

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    1. stranded

      congrats! you won King’s Bounty: The Legend Steam key, check your PM :)

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      1. Vlastimil Máca

        congrats :) ….

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  6. adrian

    I’m just wondering how popular this cartoon is outside europe :)

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