Weekend Deals (09.04.10)


Sorry for being late :) And thanks, stranded, for this beautiful logo :)

As you all did read stranded forum post about GamersGate weekend deals, I’ll give only small list here: Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge – 50% OFF, Jagged Alliance 2: Gold – 50% OFF, Gothic 3 Gold – 40% OFF, Kane & Lynch Dead Men – 60% OFF, Wings of Prey – 50% OFF, World War 2: Time of Wrath – 66% OFF. List here.

Steam is offering CoD: MW2 Multiplayer free play this weekend and also you can save 15% when buying the whole thing. I suck at MP FPS, so I didn’t really like it :)

Direct2Drive will have huge spring sale starting on Monday, so be ready! Here it is: CLICK HERE

Impulse is offering 10 items on this weekend: ArmA 2, Mount & Blade / Warband Bundle, Future Wars, King Arthur, georestricted Mass Effect and Shattered Union and permadeals THQ Ultimate Bundle, World Of War 2 – Time Of Wrath and Alganon. And one additional software title – IconPackager 5. Check the list here.

GamesPlanet is offering Tropico 3 with 50% discount. Here.

GetGames is offering still same discounts as last week, so if you missed something, check it out.

X-Fire is also offering Tropico 3 for discount here.

Games on Demand (for Windows Live) is offering this week 50% discount for Battlestations: Pacific.

GoG is also offering good old RPG games with starting letter S – Sacred, Septerra Core, Spellforce and Stonekeep. Check it out here. Thanks, gyokzoli, I now realized that GoG RSS is still working perfectly but somehow my Thunderbird isn’t parsing it, showing that last entry is 28.02.2010 :(


So have fun and don’t spend too much! :)

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  1. Creiorly

    Yup, I ordered it too, the purchase went smooth, and the game seems cool enough. At first, it seems incredibly hard but if you give it a go, it becomes a rewarding experience later on. So, thanks Betonar!! :)

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  2. Danio

    Thanks for the heads up Betonar. I just ordered it and here are my experiences:

    First of all, if you decide to create an account with them (it’s optional if you’re purchasing any game from their website), the webpage you signup on is secure, but they send you an activation e-mail with your password in cleartext in it.

    Secondly, after clicking on checkout for about 5 times (also due to signing up for an account) you finally get to the payment page. You can pay with Paypal or with a credit card. I paid with Paypal, which went fine.

    Immediately after I got my license key and download link on the next page, and a copy in my inbox. There is a small catch and that is that you can only download the game/setup 100 times. Also, your download link expires after 730 days after you first download it. So after two years you cannot download it again.

    Pretty stupid, if you ask me, but then I’m not complaining for a 2 dollar sale.

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  3. benetti32

    I have both MW2 and BC2 and both games are good. MW2 is more like CS – fast games with short range battles, where BC2 is about big epic battles with vehicles. In MW2 you must be 100% concentrated, because on every corner you can meet your enemy and shooting is a lot easier with almost no recoil. In BC2 you fight on longer distances + weapons are harder to use; BC2 has destroyable environment, MW2 not but its more smooth etc etc. Personally I don’t like comparing these two games, both are different and both have pros and cons, so if you like one, play it and don’t speak against the another.

    -joining in both games isn’t perfect, in MW2 you can get disconnects before you finally can play. Also BC2 server browser is now fast, DICE fixed it
    -BC2 HAS dedi’s – it’s not about making you own server, but its about connection reliability and pings
    -in BC2 you can connect to friends. Yes, you can’t invite them, but when somebody invites me in MW2, its very hard to join them sometimes (“cannot connect to host” or just counting and nothing)
    -destroyable environment is very good and it should be standard in other fps games too. Even if the destruction was unrealistic, it’s still more real than no destruction

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  4. Spaqin

    @thirtythirty – and MW2:
    – Is much faster
    – Less realism
    – Has no need of teamplay (ofc on DM/TDM servers, on sabotage, S&D etc. there IS teamplay) – it’s better for players with no friends even on the internet
    – Has better optimization – I had 15 fps on low in BC2 and 40 on mid in MW2
    – Joining the game is quicker than in BC2, where server browser is veeeeery slooooow.
    – Both games are shit
    – Both games don’t have dedicated servers. YES. BC2 DOESN’T HAVE DEDICATED SERVERS. You can buy it online, but you can’t do it by yourself. IMO it doesn’t count.
    – I haven’t had stability problems. MW2 for me works fine.
    – If you like to rewrite the server name – go on. In MW2 to invite friends you just need to click “Invite” button.
    – So what’s wrong with MW2 not having destroyable environment? Maps are smaller, you don’t have to run few miles just because the battlefield has gone further and your teammates captured objectives… Well, I just laugh when someone says “Just Cause 2 sucks – you can’t destroy buildings like in BC2” or any other game. Well, it’s cool, I understand, but very unrealistic (at least in BC2 they did it in a very unrealistic way)…

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  5. thirtythirty

    Don’t buy CoD MW2, it isn’t worth the money at all compared with Bad Company 2.
    So if you like MP shooters get Bad Company 2 because you
    – have destroyable buildings and environment
    – can choose your servers as you like and that has the lowest ping
    – you have a community and you can play with friends, you just have to send them the server name which is more complicated in MW2
    – MW2 has much more problems with stability but is much longer on the market


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