Weekend Deals 08.02.2013 (updated)

Sunday update:

GamersGate has Two Worlds at 75% off for 3€ or £3. Non-Steam.
Green Man Gaming has Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed on deal now at 25% off (over $22). Steam redeemable.

Here’s another set of Weekend Deals! We’ll try to keep this post updated for the following days including Saturday and Sunday. Check them out!

Sine Mora is on sale right now going around for $5 on GameStop (Impulse). The game is Steam redeemable.



Ultimate Square Enix Package is on Goold Old Games at 50% off, not gonna list them here, it’s too much – just check them out.



Torchlight 2 is currently on sale on muve, it’s a Polish store but I’m pretty sure the key activates just fine on any Steam account. The game is 50% off which makes it 10€.



GamersGate has a few deals too but nothing too special. First one is Eufloria (non-Steam!)for 4€ or £3. Next one is Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams (non-Steam!) going for either 9€ or £8. And the last one is all DeusEx (mixed DRM) package, check it out here.



Steam is selling Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at 50% off. I personally hate Counter-Strike but this version is more casual to me, could be fun on boring evenings.


GetGames is having a Warner Bros sale which includes Batman games, FEAR series and more. Check it out here.



Green Man Gaming is having few sales too but I guess this one is the best: Dear Esther is currently for almost $1.5, this is a beautiful, narrative story created on Source engine, the game is Steam redeemable I think. You can’t do much in it (as an interaction) but I personally really, really liked the cool atmosphere it created, exploring the island gave me chills. A must have if you’re into some spooky stuff and poems.

The other thing on GMG is the new Aliens game still cheaper than on Steam and also Steam redeemable, going for around $37 now.

Oh and those free games on GMG are starting to roll out today.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Selo

    Got fear 2 and it activates on steam :D

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  2. TheRemmu

    Dear Esther doesn’t seem to be Steam redeemable though. Usually it says Steam DRM under the games.

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    1. stranded

      Yeah but it’s weird it wouldn’t, it’s on Valve’s Source engine. Still for a little over $1 it’s worth the cash.

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  3. Biohazard36

    Przepraszamy, aby zakupić wybrany tytuł musisz przebywać na terytorium Polski.
    We’re very sorry, to purchase the selected title you have to stay on Polish territory.

    if i want to buy torchlight 2

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