Free games, pay what you want and more inside!

Free games, get them now!

Green Man Gaming is giving away 4 games this week, check them all out here. The only catch is that you need to create a Playfire account to get them for free. Not a big deal I guess. The games are:

  • Zombies.
  • Ninja Blade
  • Unstoppable Gorg
  • Superstars V8 Next Challenge

Now lets head over to some deals.

Worms Revolution is on GMG deals, you know the brand new Worms game. I personally hate it (pretty much anything that came out after Worms World Party is IMO a waste of everybody’s time!) but if you want it for your Steam account it activates just fine. The game is for $7.49, so basically 50% off right now.


GamersGate is having a daily sale for Jurassic Park The Game for both PC and Mac. The game is 7,49€ in Europe and £5.49 in the UK. It looks like the game is not redeemable on Steam but I’m not sure.

Another one is Majesty 2 for either 10€ or £4.49 (which is bullcrap..). The game is not redeemable on Steam.


There’s also a Mass Effect3: N7 Digital Deluxe on GMG now at 50% off. Although I think the deal only works in the USA. The game activates on Origin just fine, does not work on Steam.



IndieGamesStand has a Pay What You Want for another game, this time it’s McDroid. You can get it here.


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  1. Lim-Dul

    ninja blade – from software – i must own this *big eyes smiley*

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