WB Games suspends future purchases of Arkham Knight on PC!

I guess they had a lot of refunds. Good job! :D Read the post here. Dear Batman: Arkham Knight PC owners, We want to apologize to those of you who are experiencing performance issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC. We take these issues very seriously and have therefore decided to suspend future game sales of the PC version while we work to address these issues to satisfy our quality…


Amazon: Digital Games Mayhem

Amazing sale on Amazon! Check these out: Ultimate LEGO Bundle (8 Games) $45.00 (75% off) Batman Mega Bundle (4 Games) $22.50 (75% off) Don't Die Pack (5 Games) $9.49 (90% off) Metro Franchise Pack (2 Games + DLC) $12.49 (75% off) Rockstar Ultimate Collection (12 Games) $25.49 (85% off) Saints Row Franchise Pack $18.75 (75% off) Sonic Everywhere Pack (17 games) $12.39 (90% off) Firaxis Strat Pack (3 games) $42.88…


GameFly deals up and ready, Steam redeemable

Publisher Title SRP £ % Disc Sale Price From To Kalypso Omerta/Port Royale 3 Bundle £49.98 75% £12.49 29-Apr 30-Apr Warner Bros Batman: AA GOTY £9.99 60% £3.99 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Batman: AC GOTY £19.99 60% £7.99 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Fear 3 £12.99 60% £4.99 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Scribblenauts Unlimited £22.99 60% £8.99 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Bastion £11.49 60% £4.49 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Lego Batman…


A few more deals for the weekend!

I realize this one was already on Steam Holiday Sale for $7.50 but today Batman Arkham City: GOTY is at $6 on GMG (with this code GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK) – can be activated on Steam but installs a bunch of other DRM stuff along with it.   Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition is also on sale right now and with the 20% voucher (GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK) makes it only $4 – the…


Games For Windows Live Sale!

A very nice weekend sale on Games For Windows Live has just started, the first title is: Batman: Arkham Asylum for only $12.49 (75% off!) More games coming on next weekends. More information can be found here. Warning! Games For Windows Live is NOT supported in some countries.