Week 16 Deals (19-23.04.10)

As there are this time several distributors offering week deals (and I got some little spare time), I decided to create separate post about this week deals.


Steam is offering Deus Ex and it’s addon with 75% discount – total 5$/3£/5€. Here.


Direct2Drive is running spring sale (save up to 83%) for 4 weeks, first week is now over and new deals for week 2 are here:

GTA IV (-75% – £3.95!!), Supreme Commander Gold (-75% – £2.50), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (-50% – £3.95), ArmA Gold Collection (-63% – £8.95), Fallen Earth (-63% – £13.50), Manhunt 2 (£3.50), Guild Wars Trilogy (-50% – £14.95), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition (-50% – £9.95), Total War Collection (- 50% – £28.95), East India Company (- 83% – £3.95), Medieval 2: Total War (TM) (-50% – £4.95)
Men Of War (-83% £1.95), Men if War Red Tide (-80% – £3.95), A Farewell To Dragons (-83% – £3.95), Infernal Uncensored (-80% – £7.95), Imperium Romanum Gold (-75% – £7.50), Tropico Reloaded (-50% – £4.95), The Path (-50% – £3.50), Capitalism 2 (-50% – £3.95), Aaaa! (-80% – £1.50), Eufloria (-75% – £3.95)
Full list with nice pictures here. PS. You will find better prices for some games in other “regions” US, EU. PS2. Unfortunately some games are georestricted :(


GamersGate is offering Medieval 2 Total War Gold Edition, Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come and HoMM “clone” Disciples 2 Gold.


Good Old Games will reveal their newcomers after 17 hours or so opened their cards and here they are – Outcast and Master Of Orion 1 + 2! But where is Master of Magic ?!?. This time we know that those games are Outcast, Master of Orion and Master of Magic. I have no opinion of Outcast, but Master of Orion is definitely a very good and hard space strategy game and Master of Magic is simply the “mother of HoMM” :) I will definitely buy them when the counter ends! Get them here, when time comes (on 20th April 09:00 Steam Unpowered time)!
Until then check out the freeware MoM/HoMM type strategy game called LordsAWar! which is Warlords II clone. Here.


So have fun and don’t spend all money for beer and pizza, buy some games! :)


I will get 100mb/12mb internet speed on Thursday, so I think that I will stop buying games and start renting games from Metaboli :)

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  1. Dragoon

    Just saw your question about http://www.gamesload.de ,
    they are legit and have licenses to distribute. I haven’t tried them myself but I never heard bad things about them. In fact I read you can often “tweak” their downloads and keep them working after you chancel your subscription. ;)

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  2. happymondays

    @gyokzoli: I am Hungarian, too. Try the EU site, it worked for me, or at least it did on Monday. Games downloaded OK and they also run fine.

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