Week 16 Deals (19-23.04.10)

As there are this time several distributors offering week deals (and I got some little spare time), I decided to create separate post about this week deals.


Steam is offering Deus Ex and it’s addon with 75% discount – total 5$/3£/5€. Here.


Direct2Drive is running spring sale (save up to 83%) for 4 weeks, first week is now over and new deals for week 2 are here:

GTA IV (-75% – £3.95!!), Supreme Commander Gold (-75% – £2.50), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (-50% – £3.95), ArmA Gold Collection (-63% – £8.95), Fallen Earth (-63% – £13.50), Manhunt 2 (£3.50), Guild Wars Trilogy (-50% – £14.95), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition (-50% – £9.95), Total War Collection (- 50% – £28.95), East India Company (- 83% – £3.95), Medieval 2: Total War (TM) (-50% – £4.95)
Men Of War (-83% £1.95), Men if War Red Tide (-80% – £3.95), A Farewell To Dragons (-83% – £3.95), Infernal Uncensored (-80% – £7.95), Imperium Romanum Gold (-75% – £7.50), Tropico Reloaded (-50% – £4.95), The Path (-50% – £3.50), Capitalism 2 (-50% – £3.95), Aaaa! (-80% – £1.50), Eufloria (-75% – £3.95)
Full list with nice pictures here. PS. You will find better prices for some games in other “regions” US, EU. PS2. Unfortunately some games are georestricted :(


GamersGate is offering Medieval 2 Total War Gold Edition, Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come and HoMM “clone” Disciples 2 Gold.


Good Old Games will reveal their newcomers after 17 hours or so opened their cards and here they are – Outcast and Master Of Orion 1 + 2! But where is Master of Magic ?!?. This time we know that those games are Outcast, Master of Orion and Master of Magic. I have no opinion of Outcast, but Master of Orion is definitely a very good and hard space strategy game and Master of Magic is simply the “mother of HoMM” :) I will definitely buy them when the counter ends! Get them here, when time comes (on 20th April 09:00 Steam Unpowered time)!
Until then check out the freeware MoM/HoMM type strategy game called LordsAWar! which is Warlords II clone. Here.


So have fun and don’t spend all money for beer and pizza, buy some games! :)


I will get 100mb/12mb internet speed on Thursday, so I think that I will stop buying games and start renting games from Metaboli :)

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  1. gyokzoli

    Btw, ARMA is region restricted, for example I cannot buy that here in Hungary.

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  2. happymondays

    I just wanted to buy Manhunt 2, but it’s taken off of both the EU and UK sites of D2D, and it became area restricted on the US site. What a …
    It was in my cart yesterday, but I decided to only buy one game per day, so I chose ARMA I+II Gold.
    I am really pissed off.

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  3. helganin

    Deus Ex: Invisible War – 2,50€

    Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition – 2,50€

    The Deus Ex Collection – 5€

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  4. Faky

    Great. I saw these deals yesterday and am interested in AAAA! (1,5pounds) and possible Arma collection. I even created account there, but since i didn’t have any money on PayPal i solved this today after work. I come home, log to my account and tadammm AAAA! price is 3,5pounds. Fuck them, i will never even check their store again.

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  5. ryuga81

    Supreme Commander Gold £2.50 UK, €4.95 EU (double!!)
    SW Force Uneleashed £9.95 UK, €14.95 EU


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  6. Rad86N

    Way too many people buying their shit, they needed to re-adjust the sale prices to have better income.. pathetic

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  7. ValveRacistCorporation

    D2D have just changed the prices (both in € an in £)

    Aaaaa! was at £1.50, 1,95€, but it now costs £3.50, 4,95€

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  8. slay

    You can’t link directly to their page :( (must copy paste or open in new window)

    Yes MoM is a great game. And pretty hard. Just like Master of Orion.

    I remember playing Master of Orion. There was no manual, everything had to by discovered by yourself. I suspect that this made it so special and awesome. I remember playing it once 14 hours straight.
    I beated computer many times with different difficulty level and class. Boy, this game rocked.

    Too bad that it’s sequels sucked.

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  9. Dragoon

    Master of Magic is one of the best game ever made.
    I still play it from time to time in a Dosbox. I have the original retail.

    Master of Magic is Civilization like style game.
    But instead of researching Technologies you research new powerful spells.
    Instead of selecting a Civilization to play to you pick a race (Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, ect.) and wizard you want to play. You also have the option to create your own custom Wizard (which I recommend).
    There you can pick several traits like alchemist (1=1 conversion of gold to mana), charisma (higher change of Heroes joining you) and most important spell books.
    You can pick books from several magic schools or just from one.
    Than more books you have from one school then more powerful spells you can research for this magic school.
    Over the years several games tried to copy Master of Magic, all failed except for Lords of Magic maybe.

    However the game is really complex. You must read the manual if want have any success to play.

    There is a very good FAQ/walkthrough for the game that give you an insight into the game mechanics.

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  10. Creiorly

    To bad not all countries can buy GTA and Guild Wars… I was looking forward to those deals too :(

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  11. happymondays

    Rad86n: just do it like rpsgc advised. I am already playing the game.

    Metabol is great. I’ve been using their service since more than a year now, but I still have to buy some games…

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  12. MarkAltair

    trine again…..yawn! next week torchlight?

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  13. slay

    Steam is selling Trine for 5 money to celebrate free DLC and patch!


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  14. rpsgc

    It says error if you try to open its page, just add it to the cart, it’ll work. I just bought it.

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  15. Rad86N


    I saw both ARMAs for 5€ LOL in EU D2D but it says ERROR ROFL

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