We Want Live – about to receive an answer? (THEY DID!)

There’s a hope for Polish XboX Live and Games For Windows Live. As far as I know the creators of WWL are about to receive an official statement from Microsoft head quarters in USA.

Too bad Microsoft waited a month to do this… We will post more details here as soon as we know something.


Here’s an official Microsoft statement about XboX Live sevice in Poland:

Xbox is very committed to the Polish market and is appreciative of the passion and excitement that our community of users show for our products, including Xbox LIVE. This year, 2010,  is going to be a historic year for Xbox and our aim is to bring to our Polish community of users the full and best interactive experiences possible on the Xbox 360. We currently finalizing our plans for the Polish market that we will become public at the forthcoming E3 consumer trade show, later in June.  Our Polish community of Xbox users should expect to hear more about how we will take the Xbox 360 experience to another level in Poland.

They didn’t even bother to sign the freaking letter (no one knows who wrote this, it just says Microsoft). I say fuck them and their legal games in Poland, just don’t buy new XboX 360 games if your country isn’t supported – like the upcoming Bad Company 2 (a 100% multiplayer game which has no…multiplayer).

I’ll get back to laughing now! :)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Rad86N

    endgame, this BS applies to Games for Windows LIVE too.. not just XBOX LIVE.. so games like Bioshock 2, gta4, dirt2, batman arkham asylum,resident evil 5, red faction guerilla…for PC.. CONSOLE PORTS, good and bad..

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  2. endgame

    listen, if u’r stupid enough to buy xbox games then u deserve this shit because any person with common sense would stop buying software from a company that not only that doesn’t support those games but it also overcharges their customers.

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  3. XanderCz

    How many countries arent supported? And it takes 30 days to get some kind of an answer, right? Soo… I guess we are looking at about a year until they support most European countries I guess… that is if these countries use the same approach as WeWantLive.pl

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  4. Amadeus

    Well, it sounds like they’ve taken you seriously and are going to do something about it.

    Kind of.

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  5. Betonář

    Just Polish ? Go **** yourself MS !

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  6. Kossak

    actuallyt BC2 has also single player, and a great one! :)

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  7. joeangry

    I’ll say a 90% multiplayer game ^^

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  8. Elbart

    Wow, “finalizing”, how long does XBL exist now? Seven years, eight?
    And GfWL? Four years? Five?

    As fast as a glacier.

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