The Witcher: Adventure Game, closed beta invite giveaway!

The Witcher Adventure Game

I’ve just received a closed beta invite to Witcher The Adventure Game from GOG. According to CD Projekt RED:

The purpose of the beta is to test both the game as well as GOG Galaxy infrastructure powering the online portion of it. Over the course of the beta, we will be adding new cards, mechanics and improvements, to polish the game further and deliver you the best possible experience – stay with us and check for updates regularly. We really do count on your feedback – more on this below!
So this is going to be the first look on the GOG’s Galaxy system! Awesome news.
Also, while the beta is limited to online play only (Public games with matchmaking or Private games for playing with friends), rest assured that the full game will also feature a “hot seat” and “vs AI” modes. In other words yes, there will be single-player and you will be able to play it offline.
There is no NDA on the beta but we won’t be posting any screenshots today. I’m just about to open up the game…
However, I have one invite for the closed beta – want it? Post a comment below! Random person gets the invite today in few hours. Hurry up! :)
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I run this place! :D

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  1. Twix

    Oooo i’m intrigued!

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  2. 121ngoc_son1995

    Oh God, if I win this one, I will not get on steam for 1 week

    Pls! Pls! Pls! Pls!

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