Another VAC controversy

I think most of Team Fortress 2 players heard about, a website in which you can look at anyone’s backpack from the game with items, guns and hats. The creator of the whole system – Drunken F00lgot VAC banned lately after he leaked a way to get…the golden Wrench. That guy claims he found out from someone at Valve (?) how to get the Golden Wrench (the very rare Engineer class item).

Drunken F00l claims that the whole “random drop” system for the Golden item is bullshit and it was designed in a specific way. You just had to know the time in which it will drop and probably know the special blueprints on item crafting.

Anyway you can read the whole conversation between Drunken and some other people here (we hosted this conversation in case it disappears):

You can read more about this whole situation on official Steam forums.

Now lets get to the point, this is a proof that Valve Anti-Cheat system is not (fully) automated at all. As far as we know the user didn’t use any hack in-game to get the Golden Wrench, he used some sort of script to craft an item at specific time to get the special item. Additionally VAC Banned users don’t get their items removed – and he no longer has the Golden Wrench.

You can view the user’s profile by going here – leave a comment if you want.

We will keep you informed about the situation.

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Does Drunken F00l deserve the VAC Ban?

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  1. DiDok

    He fully deserves it after creating idler, crafting/uncrafting script and cheating his wrench, it’s too many of playing f00l with Valve
    Also i know haters gonna hate, but wrench chance is still random, but just not the way everyone would expect it (and it’s – better, randomly chosen drop times would eliminate too quick crafting of all wrenches thus too fast unrevealing info about update)

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  2. glubbar

    AAh, finally a genuine informative article. It’s been a long time. ;P

    I don’t think he deserved a ban, rather a simple warning and the removal of his item.

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  3. XanderCz

    He didnt use script to get the wrench, he had the times when the wrench was supposed to drop

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  4. Kissaki

    Mh. Yeah, using a script to get down to the milli-second is cheating…

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  5. Armada

    Valve never actually said it was random. On the contrary, there was evidence in the blog post to assume predetermined drop times, just a matter of interpetation.

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  6. XanderCz

    The thing is, he would deserve the ban for using the script for crafting/uncrafting script he used but not for the knowledge of the drop circumstances of the wrench.

    Ideally Valve should apologize for the stupid statement about random drops, though I know they wont.

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  7. sirdorius

    He didn’t get the wrench by normal means = cheating. I liked this site until it started looking for a needle in a haystack. Unsubscribing

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