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Valve delivers fresh infusions to its biggest franchises: Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2 and Team Fortress.

Gabe Newell mentions the Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott group. You can find out a lot about Left 4 Dead 2 and see the new campaign for Left 4 Dead – Crash Course.

Gabe also answers a lot of questions asked on Twitter. Too bad we didn’t know about that…we could have asked about the prices…oh wait, we just did.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. XanderCz

    Of course I see your point, but since I LOVE L4D I will buy the second one too.

    And about those ‘pie-crusts’ – I also dont know what it means :)

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  2. 0cube

    i also want to have l4d2, and i will get it, if it is for 30€ or so… but if they are going to release it at 50€ i simply dont want it. i also understand your point and i dont want to argue, quarrel (whatever the right word is) with you or others. but i think for 50€ it is just not worth it.

    and now i am quoting francis: “I love you guys” from steamunpowered.com (XD)

    btw i have no idea what pie-crusts mean xD

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  3. XanderCz

    Sure I get your point, but I really didnt watch any videos, interviews and other shit like that before L4D came out. I just preordered it when the demo came out, so I guess you could say I wasnt hyped and all that. I love the game and I AM looking forward to the second one.
    I understand that youre (all) pissed off because they promised all that bullshit, but you know the saying promises are like pie-crusts?(I looked it up in the dictionary, ‘cos I didnt know how its in english lol) So I wouldnt really take this seriously, they all lie, they want to make the game sell.

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  4. 0cube

    whats so bad? its a recycled game with a few extras!

    valve said that they want to do to l4d1 the same thing like they did with tf2! new weps campaigns maps & stuff! they simply do not do what they promised us!

    want a proof?

    QUOTE: “supporting the game with downloadable content on both, pc and xbox similar with what we’ve done with tf2, new missions, new weapons, new achievements and new characters”

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  5. XanderCz

    You still didnt answer me what is so bad about the game, and ok, you cant say that about almost every game but still there are some games like that. I dont think theres is any point in disscussing it, because I WILL buy the game, and you obviously wont so.. thats it.

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  6. 0cube

    btw hey i think we should discuss that in the forum xD

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  7. 0cube

    so tell us which game sequels, sold to a price just as high as high as a complete new game, which had just a few extras included do exist? i dont know any atm.

    ‘almost every game’ is simply not true.
    if you talk about counter strike… well in my opinion css is no sequel to cs, because its ‘just a remake’ with better graphics & stuff

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  8. XanderCz

    Just tell me whats so bad about that game, not that ‘it could be in the 1st one’, ‘cos you could say that about almost every game.

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