Defeat the admins – TF2 footage!

Sorry it’s so bad but I didn’t really have time to come up with something better. I don’t have a list of the people who played with us but thanks for joining the match (maybe you’ll find your name on the video)! Watch the video now! x-d

Next game event coming up this weekend!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Angela

    Thanks for writing this. I genuinely experience as though I know so a lot much more about it than I did ahead of. Your website truly brought some points to light that i never would have believed about just before reading it. You must carry on this, Im sure most persons would agree youve received a gift.

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  2. Black_Hand

    hmm im quite surprised with them being categorized as alternative metal/post-grunge (wikipedia). you know, bands from this genre are usually quite bland and uninteresting. but this is good. there are some interesting ideas.

    btw next time im coming too. this time i had to learn for a pretty tough exam :\.

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  3. stranded

    good point, it’s Alien Ant Farm, some unreleased material from few years ago

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  4. Black_Hand

    and since i obviously watched it through the embed, i couldnt find out, now could i :)?

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  5. stranded

    It’s all written on YouTube :)

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  6. Black_Hand

    would you care to tell me, what songs where used for soundtrack? since i feel that finally someone used some good metal (instead of “mtv metal”). what scares me is that i dont know any of the songs youve used :X.

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