Poll Time: Do you guys celebrate Halloween at all!?

Here’s a quick poll for you guys! :)

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Do you guys celebrate Halloween at all!?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Peon

    Windows 8 sucks!

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  2. israel

    im a jew dude.

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  3. rpsgc


    All Hallows’ Eve in itself is fine. But costumes? Trick-or-treating? Leave that rubbish in America where it belongs.

    Newsflash: your own countries already have their own celebrations and festivities. You don’t need to import that American crap. Damned brainless sheeple spreading that shit all over Europe like a fucking cancer.
    They should all be sterilised.

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    1. stranded

      as far as I know Halloween originated in Europe

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      1. rpsgc

        I explicitly stated my displeasure was with costumes, trick-or-treating and that American rubbish, not the (original) holiday in itself

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        1. stranded

          alright that sounds fair, although I don’t really mind kids having fun like this, it’s just another fun day for them I guess. plus I guess Halloween theme parties are getting popular here and if someone wants to party like that I don’t mind, it’s fun for them I guess

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