And now we wait…

European Commission

The letter to the European Commission has been sent! We have almost reached 1,000 signatures on the petition (it’s around 900 right now).

I’ve changed it up a little, added few sentences about the petition and stuff like that. But if you want you can send the same letter just copy paste it from the petition page or change it slightly (we don’t want to make it spam right?) and send it to:

European Commission
Directorate-General for Competition
For the attention of the Antitrust Registry
1049 Bruxelles/Brussel

We’ve received the tracking number for the letter and it should reach Brussles sometime next week. Also there’s a subdomain for our petition at so go ahead and send it over to your friends!






3 responses to “And now we wait…”

  1. […] also personally contacted European Commision back in the day but nothing came out of it – although it wasn’t exactly the same issue. […]

  2. Ten men Avatar

    I dont thing the problem is Steam, but with individual countries and how they regulate and certificate computer games. Just look at the mess that was created when L4D2 was released, lots of countries had to have the content censored, ie, a different game had to be made available for those countries. This means if steam gives you access to the UK steam store the content will have been certificated by the GRA not the legal regulator for the country you are in. As I said the problem is not steam but the laws of your country. As for writing to the E.U. its the E.U which has caused this problem because they say games have to have a PEGI rating and will not accept the GRA rating of the UK.

  3. shakdude Avatar

    Great! This petition has to be approved, because it will benefit all users that do not have access to the British Steam Store! Hope it will succeed!

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