Steam: Qvadriga pricing in Europe is a joke!

“Welcome to the Roman circus!”  It is actually funny on how the developers react to gamers pointing out the bad pricing. Read below.

Qvadriga pricing in Europe is a joke

One of our members (X37) pointed out to the game developers on the official discussion forum that the pricing is bad for Europe (as usual..) and that they should use the correct conversion. Here’s a screenshot in case it gets taken down:


And here is the response:


I mean.. really? This is how you respond to customers? Just because everyone else has a shitty conversion doesn’t mean you have to. We all know by now that Steam sets the price to 1:1 automatically and the developer can change that to even it out and make it fair just like the devs from Tripwire Interactive said few weeks ago.


Then the developer started to cover himself with VAT tax in Europe (we all know that VAT is here usually around 23% and this does not mean the price should be THAT high at all, just even the shit out!) and closed the thread with this:


This is not cool. That is all. You can continue to discuss this matter on our forum on Steam.






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