Weekend Deals 15.03.13 (updated!)

Hello and welcome. Spring is almost here! You should all be playing outside by now unless you have tons of snow out of nowhere like I currently do. Fucking winter. Anyway here are the deals for the weekend. Some of these were already posted few days ago. Have fun this weekend, I know I will!

Weekend Deals

Update #1: Added deals from Good Old Games.
Update #2: Added deal for Viking Battle for Asgard from GamersGate. Steam redeemable.

Update #2:

Viking Battle for Asgard from GamersGate – it’s either €3.25 or £2.50. The game is Steam redeemable.

Viking Battle For Asgard Deal

GamersGate is having a sale for Saints Row 2. It’s Steam redeemable. It’s either €2.49 or £1.74.



Saints Row The Third at 75% off. Also Steam redeemable. If you wanna kill someone with a dildo now you have a chance.

SR3 Deal

Another one is Gratuitous Tank Battles is on deal for either €5.69 or £4.49. It’s DRM Free (non-Steam).

Gratuitous Tank Battles Deal

Last one on GamersGate is XCOM Weekend up to 75% off. Check it out! Steam redeemable I assume.


Nuuvem is having a major Square Enix sale. Check them all out here. Deus Ex HR, Dungeon Siege 3, Hitman Absolution, Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs and more games for around $15 and even less except Hitman Professional Edition that goes for $20. Most are Steam redeemable!

Square Enix Deals

Green Man Gaming went all crazy this weekend with lots and lots of deals for indie games and more. Most of these are of course Steam redeemable. Remember to use the 20% off voucher: GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS. Those will go live on like 1700 GMT.




2 responses to “Weekend Deals 15.03.13 (updated!)”

  1. karpes Avatar

    Can someone tell me some voucher code for Green man gaming i want to take chilvary but the voucher code of 20% ends today. thanks :D

    1. stranded Avatar

      When I’ll get one I will post it here.

      Edit: There doesn’t seem to be any right now. Sorry!

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