Is Valve turning into EA in terms of banning?

Interesting info was posted on reddit today, according to one of the users he got banned by Mike Blaszczak (Valve employee) on the official Steam Forums for a suggestion he made towards his behavior on the forums, here’s the full story:

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. Someone posted a thread in the Steam forums asking for help with an issue related to a game they had bought, asking for a response from Valve.

As it happens, and as everyone knows, Valve only responds to these problems in the form of support tickets.

Nevertheless, Valve employee MikeBlaszczak responded with absolutely no information, but moved the thread to the General Steam Forum.. without even mentioning that the proper way to handle the problem is a support ticket.

When the thread got moved, I mentioned that the only way it would get taken care of was through a support ticket. And, I did make a remark about how the Valve employee should have mentioned as much.

What I didn’t expect was that I would get my post deleted and an instant -2 point infraction from Mr. Ballsack for stating such a thing.

I admit, I was a bit annoyed after that, and I made another reply pretty much restating what I had said before.. that the only way they will find help is if they submit a ticket. And I did restate my surprise that the official valve employee response (which is quite a rare thing on those forums) failed to mention the actual helpful solution.



Am I right or wrong in wanting to stand up for this? I think this is the very definition of unfair treatment no matter how you look at it, but at this point it seems like I have no choice but to let it go.

What would you do?

Well if the story is real, that’s some bullshit behavior right there. Anyway, stay tuned for more giveaways today on our Steam group!

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  1. stead

    i’ve been banned for saying the only way you can demo a game on pc these days in by pirating since most games don’t have demo’s, I pirated GTA IV to see if it would run then prompty bought it on dvd when I found out it worked fine for me. I can see why you’d get warning but before that I had several thanks or whatever the steam forum has, it was a while ago now, i’d helped people with problems too.

    I’ve only registered to ask questions about a game or to try and help others. Most threads you read through seem to have someone banned in them these days, its a shame. Personally I never buy anything off steam unless its heavily reduced, hate the idea of steamworks

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  2. Fox

    I got permabanned from the Valve forums for saying ‘piss’ once ( and that was after the jarate update on TF2 ). I contacted support two times, since I had about 500 posts and 200 karma from helping people, and a Valve employee started accusing me of rude behaviour and cursing. Extremely offensive behaviour from Valve like always, oh well it’s Americans we’re dealing with. They do not give much about the rights of people outside their country.

    No doubt this is true, Valve has been known for support at the level of EA and to have employee’s who have loose mouths and morals with fair customers.

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  3. wormmayhem


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  4. Roach

    We already knew that Steam forums is full of ban happy idiots. or did you forget Stranded ?

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  5. virq

    @Jack: Sure you have seen posts like this…wow you even posted “some relatively similar” . But….”although I don’t point my fingers at valve employees/ or specific employee” make it complete not similar and you dont have to use “freaking common sense” to know that helping isnt ban reason. Are you somehow brain limited? After valve emplyee fail ….he just ” mentioned that the only way it would get taken care of was through a support ticket. And, I did make a remark about how the Valve employee should have mentioned as much.” And you say he deserve it? We all know whats going on on forums, valve arrogance is just funny. Its a fact so when i see something like this: “Don’t believe this crap” just make me laugh.

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  6. Obii

    Steam forums are a dictatorship and as such they can run them how they like but there are some very power happy admins on there.

    Infraction Points;
    I received 4 points for linking to the ‘Steam forums and You’ video which was back seat moderating apparently and 2 points for “FFFFFFFUUUUUU” as it bypasses the word filter…. It’s not even a word ffs.

    A warning for telling someone i had reported them for advertising and a warning for quoting someone and typing “this” followed by “5char” due to the character limit.

    It’s a good job they don’t link your Steam forum account to your Steam game account or there would be a lot of banned players, i have seen the admins ban shed loads of people on there who are usually just unhappy with something and are getting to their wits end with trying to find solutions to say a game not working, yet they leave all the trolls untouched.

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  7. Jack

    Don’t believe this crap.
    I have seen a lot of post like his, in fact I posted some relatively similar post in Steam forum too.
    Well, just helping others, although I don’t point my fingers at valve employees/ or specific employee.
    (He might’ve been doing so, who knows, if he did, he deserve what he gets, freaking common sense.)
    And here I am, still using the same forum account.

    and by the way, Steam forum bans you if you mention anything related to pirated games.
    Thats the most common cause.

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  8. popovich

    Doesn’t surprise me much. I got banned for less.
    Forum staff doesn’t like to be contradicted in any way, shape or form… all.
    And once they remember you, you know you’re gonna rack up those infraction points based on some bullshit charges. And as soon as you hit 10, bye bye.

    Also, a forum account is not so worthless as some people may think.
    For example, I’d always trade with someone with good reputation first, because I know he/she’s not some scammer who just made an account to scam someone and disappear.
    You try to be active and helpful and that’s rewarded with reputation points.
    And after 2-3 years that’s all gone because of some admin/mod who had a hard on for you.
    Pretty stupid. And it can be frustrating.

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  9. hunshiki

    Steam forum accounts are unique, not associated with the real Steam accounts.
    Read the text on the top of the forums:

    NOTE: Forum accounts are separate from Steam accounts.

    So yeah, losing a simple forum account is not a huge loss I think.

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