Warcraft III: Reforged – here’s why it sucks and how to get a refund

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Warcraft fans are really pissed off this time. Blizzard released the remake of Warcraft III and it’s expansion Frozen Throne on January 29th 2020.

It all went downhill afterwards. The game is nothing like the BlizzCon 2018 and BlizzCon 2019 presentations.

The main bugs are:

  • the old game is now nowhere to be found, instead of your original Warcraft III and the add-on (2GB) you now have to download the 30GB reforged edition which allows you to play the “old graphics” only
  • the ranked games and some modes are no longer available, they have removed everything – no ladders or ranks in the new version at all
  • the map tool or editor has the stupid EULA that basically claims that anything you do inside the game (like game modes, maps etc.) they own it legally (remember DOTA?)
  • colors and shading looks way off in the original game now
  • missing features
  • the UI is old
  • game looks like it doesn’t have ANY shadows at all
  • buggy gameplay
  • unit movement is laggy
  • pretty much everything except the unit models and textures is left out old
  • multiplayer is mostly broken (at launch)
  • campaign cut scenes are not what they have previously advertised
  • the original voice-overs of the units are nowhere to be found, they have promissed the fans that they will be able to pick either the old ones or new ones
  • the new music is also irreplacable
  • the game is unstable and runs like shit even on powerful computers, Blizzard’s solution to this is to get a… new PC
  • price is way too high for the “upgrade”

They’ve updated the game and “apologized” since then but it doesn’t really help much.

Users rated the game 0.5 out of 10 on MetaCritic

You can read their reviews over here.

How to get a refund?

You should go to your purchase history and request one. They should do it automatically but if they don’t you need to contact the support. If you are in European Union I think they are legally obliged to do it.

I’m just surprised they have managed to fuck it up, especially after StarCraft HD remake which is actually good.


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