Steam – Summer Sales July 11th?



According to a Reddit user, he has been told by a Steam-Support representative that Valves yearly Summer Sale will start July 11th.

Take this with a grain of salt, but better get your wallet ready to thrown at your display.

Here a screenshot from the support ticket.

If the sales happen likely start at 10:00 AM Valve time
World clock

Update 7/11/2013: Steam has this unspoken policy to not release new games during sales. Seeing that there are no releases between today till July 23, that give us a long window to spent a lot of money.
Remember to hold off buying your favorite game until the last day of the sale, unless there is a daily sale or flash sale. You want avoid to see the game you just bought with –50% off next day discounted further by –75% or even 90%.

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  1. jecal88

    Wow, SteamUnpowered…you were spot on with the date. :)

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  2. Cyber Killer

    I guess there’s not much point in making it a big secret, just to deal with loads of people try to file for their money back just to buy the same games cheaper.

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