Steam should provide buying international titles around the globe

There’s a pretty interesting post on Steam Forums (thanks for the info Kossak) about regional versions of Steam games being released in Russia (yep, Russian only). The original poster thinks that "cheap region restricted versions should be optional, not forced".

Lets expand the idea a little and say why not release games around the world in two versions, one cheaper (restricted to one language only and even one area only where you can’t play it in other country) and one in full price but without any limitations?

What do you guys think about that? Do you have forced localized games too? I didn’t notice that in Poland (well maybe MAFIA 2…) but I guess if Steam would force me to use Polish version only of most games I would be pissed. Especially while playing multiplayer games.

Oh hai btw, Dead Island fucking rocks. I’m back.

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  1. Kissaki

    Nothing new for Germans who not only suffer from pricing and language but also of altered content (low violence versions etc) or not available at all Games..

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  2. bob

    What about all the ex-pat’s living abroad, I have never ever worked in the country I was born in, sure I know many languages, but I want to play games in English, if it is not in English I no buy :)

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  3. rottencat

    I think Russians are overreacting. So far there are no russian localized games on Steam. Hell, they have Deus Ex:HR for $16 in all major laguages and available for playing all around the world while we have to pay 50€ for the very same release. I think I take a trip to my neighbour country and get a russian credit card.

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  4. mik0

    I don’t see the point. Players should be entitled to buy and play the best version of a game (all languages, all content) at the same price. That’s what the goal should be.

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  5. glubbar

    Damn. I buy games online for the very reason I can choose to play in the original language (with subtitles when needed). Also being able to access games everywhere on the planet is the other main reason (I tend to move a lot).

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  6. Lubci

    edit: do not exist

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  7. Lubci

    well good thing that Slovak localizations does not exist x)

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  8. mysk

    I’m forced to play TF2 in Polish. Item names are so stupid… But in Red Orchestra 2 everything is in English, even though I set it to Polish. Yes, I am mad.

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  9. f0ku5ik

    Mafia? Can’t you remember how it was in Black Ops? I was forced to use Polish language only so I stopped playing…

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  10. Cyber Killer

    It depends. If the localised version is an official one, made by the original developer and it is as good as the main one, then it usually isn’t an issue for me (examples: Trackmania, Half-Life 2). But I friggin hate playing localised versions made by the local distributor, which are usually broken, don’t work with official patches/updates/bonus content, the translation is awful/wrong/buggy/full of errors, the actors suck, etc, etc… (yes, I’m from Poland too)

    Anyway – choosing which language version you want to play should be always an option. Nearly all FLOSS games/projhects have multiple languages available to choose, and if a free project can do that, so can a commercial game with a multimilion budget.

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  11. Kossak

    I have similar feeling – i actually don’t like playing games with Polish language/subtitles. I’m used to and it really suits me well when everything is in original english language, so Steam don’t even think of banning me from english versions of games. I just wish steam games would be priced accordingly to our retail prices, and not 60% more expensive.

    And yea – Dead Island is just AWESOME!

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