Steam: Portal is now FREE for Win and Mac users!

Get it now – go here! It’s FREE until May 24th (it will remain on your Steam account after that)!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Dragoon

    You hit the point Gyokzoli. Stranded should update his original post to include this info.

    Epic move of Valve, especially for people that didn’t buy the OrangeBox. Portal was one of the most extraordinary games I ever played.

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  2. gyokzoli

    wiak: it means you can add to your account for free until May 24th but it will remain in your account even after that.

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  3. Sole

    You mean there’s people that haven’t played Portal yet? (apart from Mac users of course) Shame on them! :P

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  4. wiak

    FREE until 24th of may ;)

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  5. gyokzoli

    This is a really nice present from Valve!

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