Steam: In-home streaming now in open beta

Want to stream games from your desktop PC to a living room PC while sitting on a couch? Now you can! Remember this is still a beta though so don’t expect wonders.

Valve has improved Steam in-home, here’s the latest changelog:

  • Added an intro dialog the first time you start streaming a game
  • Show a dialog if the game needs cloud sync resolution before starting
  • Improved D3D asynchronous capture performance
  • Improved OpenGL asynchronous capture performance
  • Fixed slow system reporting for Fast and Balanced settings
  • Fixed several causes of infinite latency when client is too slow
  • Fixed client crash changing resolution with software decoding
  • Increased precision for refresh rate and capture framerate
  • Reduced latency when streaming at the client refresh rate
  • Revamped architecture to support many more games and improve responsiveness
  • Fixed black screen when encoding with Intel QuickSync on Intel HD 3000
  • Added mouse emulation mode for controllers, toggled with Guide+A
  • Added hardware accelerated encoding via Intel QuickSync
  • Added a speed vs quality preference setting
  • Unlimited bandwidth has been increased to 100 Mbit for those who want to live on the edge
  • OpenGL games are now scaled correctly during capture

In-home streaming works for the Windows and Mac Steam clients.

Want to try out in-home streaming’s open beta for yourself?

Open Steam’s settings menu. On the Account tab, click Change under Beta participation and change to Steam Beta Update. You’ll find in-home streaming in its own tab in the Steam settings menu.

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