Steam Discovery has launched, client updated

Well well, here’s a nice update for the Steam store, it looks so much better now and has some improved features like recommended tags etc. and the client got a small visual update as well. Good job Valve now fix your prices in Europe! ;-)

And here’s the updated client, notice the little gamepad icon instead of BIG PICTURE button on the top right. The app seems less gray now and they’ve added some blue elements to it, it’s still too gray for me though.

Read more about new features and changes in here.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. slay

    and where is the home button?!

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  2. slay

    it is still buggy.

    Like I got from news/rss information about Raiden III game. Opened in browser

    thought, okay, I like this game, I will put into Wishlist, opened Steam, and searched for it. Got nothing. Searched by tag Action, got lots of games, sorted by Date, last date 23rd September 2014. Raiden III release date is 25th September 2014.

    I couldn’t find it in Steam. I logged in to my browser, opened the link again and was able to put it into Wishlist.

    Also this pisses me off that webpage changes language. I have default english, once it switched to German. Now Wishlist is in Spanish. Come on!

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  3. egon099

    Funny thing when Skyrim was on sale recently Legendary was about 3% cheaper in Europe than in US.

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  4. AdRiAnO66

    It’s a bit too blue for me :]

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