Reminder: Don’t pre-order games!

In case you haven’t heard, new Batman game runs like shit (locked 30 FPS, stuttering even on GeForce 970), here’s a nice reminder from Cartman himself:

Refund the game on Steam if you got it there. Seriously! Do it, lets show them.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. trancemansion

    Yeah true story. I like your post and btw: I just finish main story of the game and i can say behind that poor optimization it’s worthy buying game. Ofcourse it doesn’t matter that lagging a bit for some scenes not always. There is much more events after and till you playing on main story and the world of batman is huge i would like to say for this francise. Maeby after few patches everything is goin to be ok. My advice is don’t ask for refund or something. I get my game not from Steam regular prize but for 22 euro + pre order bonus include – Harley Quinn campaign which i will play now with much of exciting. And for the last i would like to admit that will be good if that game have multiplayer like versus – batman and team vs bad guys or something. It will be really cool. Enjoy your game.! :)

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