Random Steam Keys for €0.49 on G2A

That’s right, only €0.49 per key, you get a random game. If you bought it, what did you get?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Gigel

    I’ve got counter strike : go .. nice

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  2. egon099

    I did turn off both times. And the 1,72€ was both purchases combined. I think 0,89€ is not bad for RotH. At least considering description and feedback. I sometimes like oldies. It is in my to try list for sure. And Nkoa is early access in alpha so yeah.

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  3. Konrad

    remember to turn off this 1 euro fee
    monthy subscription my ass

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  4. trancemansion

    and btw: it’s not about how they cost in market. Is about how much they are good for real not just to look to priceless they are in market…

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  5. trancemansion

    huh man you would believe i get same games is that coincidence huh…

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  6. stranded

    so it’s not that bad actually I guess

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  7. egon099

    Got ‘New kind of adventure’ and ‘Realms of the Haunting’ total worth 12,98€
    But G2A wanted VAT and “processing fee” so payed 1,72€. But to be honest RotH seems it might be interesting and Nkoa seems like it has potential. Meh.

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  8. trancemansion

    i bought 2 of them and only shity games don’t trust them about readings below that may include some good games i have even try some of regular prize random keys and just as these shity games nothing playable even…

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