Random October – Day 8!

Hey we’re back! Thanks to OCK-CDKeys for providing free games! You can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. This is not a requirement or anything, just spreading the word!

Day 7 winner is:

As soon as I get a new batch of game keys I will send you the game. Cheers!

Leave a comment below to have a chance to win a random game. Go! ;)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. TKMankindv2

    I will fail again

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  2. Chaser

    Bad weather today (

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  3. stranded

    I guess it’s possible to win again… why not? But lets give the chance to others first. Maybe at the end of the event… ;)

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  4. Mofixil

    Now I’m envious.

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  5. Raven

    Random Droggeljug!

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  6. alexpc

    For the win!

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  7. Gamestart

    can i win for at least once?

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  8. Krasois

    My body is ready!

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  9. MrKengurz

    So you are ignoring me all the time… :/

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  10. iSwanky

    Your phone is brighter than my chances in life

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