Pre-ordering on Steam? Think twice.

Click to enlarge! Some angry Steam user posted a very interesting message on the official Steam Forums. He wanted a refund for his pre-order of Aliens vs Predator game (for whatever reason, you can always refund a pre-order). But he bought the game with a discounted game Psychonauts ($2 at a time).

What’s wrong you may think? Well, according to Steam Support you can’t refund only one game if you put them both in the shopping cart. And now the guy had to “give back” (and get back the $2 of course) Psychonauts in order to get his money for AvP back.

After that he wanted a refund for his pre-ordered copy of  Battlefield Bad Company 2. I wonder why? ;-)

Whats’s our point? Watch out there kids, don’t get pre-orders with regular games!

PS Our favorite moderators already closed the topic.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Johnnnyboy15nl

    Its good Steamunpowered has posted this. its very usefull to know.

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  2. Fox

    Lovely, not only do they close the topic but also edit the message. Why do people still accept this shit? Steam might have good sides, but in the end it’s the worst DRM out there, with the worst customer service.

    Why buy from steam if I can get new retail games with box, booklet, handling&shipping and good customer service and [b]customer respect[/b] for about 30 euro.

    After 3 years and 3 appeals I’m still permanently banned from the forum just because I mentioned an alternative once. I have 60 games on my account, yet front of steam have zero respect for me.

    In short; a big fuck you to the forum moderators and some of the customer service clerks of steam. No respect for me, no money and respect for you.

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  3. glubbar

    Yeah I got your point, it’s a pity, but it could have been worse. They could have refused to refun the items for whatever STEAMy reason…

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  4. Dragoon


    He bought two games separate games, AvP Preorder and Psychonauts.
    Since he had no more need for AvP he wanted to return the game.
    Which was no problem but he had to return the other game too.
    It was sold at a discount of $2 at that time.
    So he had the choice either keep both games or lose both games, and if he still want Psychonauts he had to pay now the full price.
    It’s a bit embarrassing for Valve that they can’t refund a single item. Since both games were NOT bundled sold together.
    Conclusion never buy more than one game at a time with Valve.

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  5. glubbar

    Two complaints:
    the screenshot is almost unreadable and the “$2 at a time” part sounds weird… did you mean “which cost $2 during the promo period”?

    Anyway, he did get the refund, so I guess it’s no big deal?

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  6. eugene1

    It is a stupid thing that steam done. I would understand if both avp and psychonauts were both part of a deal, but considering that it was’nt that just shows bad customer service on steams behalf.

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  7. Dragoon

    Seems to me like someone said earlier as a limitation of the shop-software used by Valve.
    Well I never scripted a online-shop software but I know PHP. I’m rather a noob but I guess its enough to their system. How hard can that be?
    I mean my local supermarket don’t have a problem to give me refund on a single item.

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