Poll Time: Valve vs EA Games

Lets do this. Who has better games? Who has better developers? Which platform is better, Steam or Origin? Lets make sure who’s the better player here. Go!

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Valve vs EA Games

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Labargoth

    Well the publishers EA enslaved make better games though EA does its best to ruin them.
    Steam is still better than Origin and EA itself sucks ass.
    So 1 point for EA and 2 for Valve.

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  2. slay

    and where is the halflife 2 episode 3? :)

    only hats

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  3. Paul Chen

    It depends on the context. Steam have cheap games and great games, but have terrible support. Not just bad, terrible. EA customer support is leaps and bounds ahead of steam. Looking past EA as a publisher, and since price of games are really affected by other sites, (GMG, Gamersgate) etc… I have to vote EA games.

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  4. Super Poney

    I’m surprised some people have voted EA.
    Origin software sux, Origin prices sux, EA games partially sux, EA DLC politic sux, conclusion, EA sux, EA destroyed the gaming world since their new amazing Online pass and how they sell games with a bunch of DLC before the game is released…

    I’m not a Valve fanboy, I’m just a gamer, and turns it takes with EA (for example because Ubi is on the same way) does not make me very happy.

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  5. Cyber Killer

    Where’s the “windows 8 sucks” option? :-P

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    1. stranded

      Only in mutliple choice polls :D haha

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  6. Mărculescu Sorin

    I bet if you start a simillar pool on EA forums you get the exact oposite results :) Steam is still better but I don`t judge so harsh EA either. It`s just a company making stupid decisions because of the TORRENT FEAR :) I must admit I wanted to torrent Simcity 5 too but could not and did not want to miss the multiplayer stuff. I also got a game of my choice free… i picked BF3… So if you look up sites like steamtrades.com etc you could get a key for 15 20 euros too and don`t bitch about EA`s games this much :)

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  7. WLF68

    I voted EA just because… well… I probably shouldn’t be on this site since I’ve only been playing video games for 2 years, but Battlefield 3?

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  8. limec

    LOL Valve vs Destroyers of games

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  9. Gokburt

    I’d vote neither, but that’s not an option, so I voted EA just because most people voted Valve

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  10. MartinezZ

    Hmm, at this time 13 EA employes :)

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  11. Rainbow Dash

    Those polls are downright cruel. Then again, it’s EA Games, they deserve it.

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  12. AdRiAnO66

    You guys are so cruel :]

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  13. Mărculescu Sorin

    Being a steam orientated site it`s imposible for any other platform to win :) do`h

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    1. PunkZoli

      true, but ea have no fans, we know why

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