Poll Time: Star Wars Battlefront 2015 – is it true to it’s predecessor?

Just saw the brand new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie and I’m just wondering if any of you are playing the latest Star Wars game – Battlefront? I didn’t have a chance to participate in beta and I have no idea if it’s good or not. Is it true to it’s predecessor?

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Star Wars Battlefront 2015 - is it true to it's predecessor?

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  1. hunshiki

    It’s a watered down, casualized crap for console babby audience.
    0/10 job DICE, you can do better. A lot better.
    (But we all know who is the publisher…)

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  2. Mofixil

    Not absolutely terrible, but surely not worth 60$.
    I wouldn’t give more than 20$ for full package, with all of the DLCs released and the game mostly patched, but I guess it will be dead by then.

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  3. MrEvilRobot

    I didn’t play the original but I like this one, it seems to be fun (the beta). I won’t preorder though, EA/DICE taught me not to trust them. Their games play like crap (on PC) for the first few months (in case of BF4 for the first year after the release).

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  4. heavenly mergatroid

    Just don’t preorder, for the love of God don’t do it! You can thank me later. ^^

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