Origin support actually works!

OK I didn’t expect that to hapen at all, long story short thanks to E3 and Battlefield Hardline beta announcement Origin is (or was?) down and I decided to buy a The Sims 3 expansion in the middle of that server rape (yeah didn’t expect that). I got the game and suddenly the Origin client showed up an error that the service is not available.

Then I’ve noticed that the game is not on my list and the status in purchase history is “Pending”.

After that I’ve been browsing reddit/r/origin to see if there’s anything about it on the net. And suddenly EA employee posted this and I’ve decided to post my problem:

After few minutes I’ve got a private message from the guy with the question about my Origin ID and what title I’m having problems with. I’ve put everything up and waited.

After another couple of minutes I’ve got an e-mail with a order status and right then the game showed up in my library. I’ve stated that I had problem purchasing another DLC for The Sims 3 earlier before he that guy did it… and guess what? Helped with that one too.

Thanks again Liquidboarder! :)

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