Microsoft has 30 days to answer Polish players

Microsoft encouraged Polish players to buy original games (without multiplayer support and Live features) and stop modding their consoles. XboX players who are responsible for the revolt-ish website contacted Microsoft Poland and…

Here’s what the site owner posted on their site (translated freely by me):

“We’re after talking to Microsoft Poland. (…) We live, we are well and continue to attack! It turns out (which was already a little known, but now we know for 100%), Microsoft Poland has nothing to say on the presence of the Live in Poland. Well ok, since they do not someone else decides, and now to that “someone” will turn.

How do we do it? First of all – along with Microsoft Poland. They promised to help players find the right contact! In few days we’ll put a set of materials directed to the people actually responsible for the Live and it’s absence and screwing players.

For the first time, we the players will create a raport. From the moment we pass the materials concerning Live absence in Poland to Microsoft, they will have 30 days to respond. Exactly after the 30 days we will see if Microsoft’s Poland word is worth anything, as well as Redmond to see what they have to say. Give them a chance – if the response is poor we won’t get anything at all then we will take this action to a next level. We must exhaust all possibilities and that’s what we do.

Also we have to go and change the graphic layout, English version of the site (if we leave the topic to the world, we must speak their language, otherwise they won’t understand), and finally address.

What else is going to change? Nothing! We want to continue what you wanted – Live in Poland, we still have the same arguments (see section “Important Questions”). (…)”

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! :-) If you want Live in your country as well simply contact those people and try to contact Microsoft too.

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  1. Pyro Gourmand

    Online petition is a running joke that never gets old :D

    anyways, contacting Microsoft might be the best thing to do, they must have something like a phone number or an email address somewhere.

    I checked Wikipedia and found that Balmer talked about bringing Live to Poland in April 2009, without any deadline announced.

    (cheap google translation in english)
    “We are a global company. There are some products that you need to check first before they come to all countries. We begin in a few countries, but when the formula of the product to verify that if we act globally. Xbox Live will be in Poland. I do not know when it will announce, probably when it is ready, but we love this market, you are a great market of video games and Xbox Live is a fundamental issue.”

    (,95336,6534523,Steve_Ballmer__Xbox_Live_bedzie_w_Polsce.html )

    It seems they’re going faster with their anti-piracy campaign than with setting up the XBL network in Poland… Should have been the opposite (if they wanted less piracy) :/

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  2. stranded

    Petitions are like pointless I guess.

    We should wait until they rearrange their website at and they’ll probably provide some option to contact MS – not only for Polish gamers but others too.

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  3. m!nus

    How about a petition? though i don’t know if they achieve anything, i’ve seen too many to not believe in their success.
    Although i’m not polish (but a neighbor) i’d like support your effort.

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