Left 4 Dead 2: Demo coming today, servers are up!

Left 4 Dead 2 was rescheduled for today @ 9PM (Central European Time). Meanwhile Left 4 Dead 2 demo server files are already available and we have some good news, thanks to our friends at Strefa Gier TP we just setup 10 servers in Poland.

Click here for IP addresses!


Something is downloading right now:


Update 2:
Fuck it, still blocked and redownloaded the whole demo and nothing. Nice job Valve.


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  1. Zuko

    Another update.

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  2. Zuko

    PENDING: (fs) c5m2_park.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) c5m1_waterfront.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) l4d_viennacalling_city.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) l4d_viennacalling_donauinsel.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) l4d_viennacalling_donauturm.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) l4d_viennacalling_gloomy.bsp
    PENDING: (fs) l4d_viennacalling_kaiserfranz.bsp

    maybe custom campaigns will work ;D

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  3. Zuko


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