Left 4 Dead 2 demo screenshots

Sorry guys for being too late, I had some serious problems with publishing it.. But now, after 20 hours the post is finally here :)

Started single player Offline game “The Parish” with 2 episodes, normal difficulty. I was randomly chosen to play Coach.

As I used to play guitar some time ago, I chose guitar as my primary weapon and now I am a Guitar hero! :D I didn’t see promised baseball bat though..

Here are some screens… Click on thumbnails to see bigger pictures in new window.

c5m2_park0088 c5m2_park0120

more screens below…

c5m1_waterfront0010 c5m1_waterfront0011

working jukebox with cool OST

poor infected bastard

c5m1_waterfront0016 c5m1_waterfront0018
c5m1_waterfront0025 c5m1_waterfront0026

Spitter acid is unhealthy

Your pal Ellis

c5m1_waterfront0027 c5m1_waterfront0028

Old friend Hunter

Couples Retreat?

c5m1_waterfront0037 c5m1_waterfront0039
c5m1_waterfront0040 c5m1_waterfront0042

Eerie scene :)

New mob Armored Zombie

c5m1_waterfront0053 c5m1_waterfront0054

Girls of L4D2

Girls of L4D2

c5m1_waterfront0060 c5m1_waterfront0061
c5m2_park0063 c5m2_park0064
c5m2_park0068 c5m2_park0069
c5m2_park0071 c5m2_park0073
c5m2_park0074 c5m2_park0075

New item Adrenaline

… which boosts speed

c5m2_park0076 c5m2_park0080

I’m still high :)

New evil mob Jockey

c5m2_park0085 c5m2_park0090
c5m2_park0091 c5m2_park0093
c5m2_park0094 c5m2_park0095
c5m2_park0099 c5m2_park0113

New mob Spitter that spits ;)

c5m2_park0117 c5m2_park0123

New item Defibrillator, with you can revive dead players

Healing is still the same :)

c5m2_park0129 c5m2_park0130

Pipe bomb explosion

Matrix ;)

c5m2_park0132 c5m2_park0134

Home, sweet home

The Survivors have escaped!

The end…

PS. This is the 3rd time I made it from scratch! Damned Live Writer.

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  1. slay

    oh.. cool, thanks :)

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  2. stranded

    Lightbox applied

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  3. slay

    to stranded – i did those screenshots in my first game but i was unable to post them – too big (1680×1050) pictures :( I had to create that damn post 3 times from start.

    But anyway here they are :)

    PS. We need Lightbox here :)

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  4. Rad-86

    Nice job. Heres my gameplay vid.

    NOT! xD

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  5. stranded

    Thanks a lot for this, I wanted to do it but I was stuck at work.

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