ShareX is now available on Steam for free!

I really like ShareX and I'm happy to announce that it was released on Steam few days ago. You can get it for free by clicking here! ShareX is a free and open source program that can capture or record selected area from the screen with a single keypress, automatically save them to your hard disk/clipboard, and instantly upload them to an image/file hosting service and then can copy the URL…


Need a tool for sharing screenshots? Get ShareX!

Free, open source, lightweight and no advertisements. I've been using this for couple of months now and it's an amazing tool - not only for screenshots but videos and files too. Just integrate it with your FTP, Google Drive, DropBox, imgur or any other service available, send your file and after that the app will automatically copy a link to the file for you, just paste it to your friends and…

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Check out GameCast!

You gotta check our our friends on GameCast. It's an online pinboard like Pinterest but exclusively for gamers. You can easily post screenshots from your computer and other places on the net and videos from YouTube as well. The address is!


Steam screenshots coming – shoot the screen and share!

Currently Steam screenshots are in beta-testing (you can also participate). This allows players take screenshots and share them from any game that uses Steam overlay.   If you’d like to test the feature, you can opt-in to the latest Steam client beta by going to Steam > Settings > Account then changing your beta participation to “Beta Update”. Once you’ve signed up for the beta, press F12 in any game…


Left 4 Dead 2 demo screenshots

Sorry guys for being too late, I had some serious problems with publishing it.. But now, after 20 hours the post is finally here :)

Started single player Offline game “The Parish” with 2 episodes, normal difficulty. I was randomly chosen to play Coach.

As I used to play guitar some time ago, I chose guitar as my primary weapon and now I am a Guitar hero! :D I didn’t see promised baseball bat though..

Here are some screens… Click on thumbnails to see bigger pictures in new window.

c5m2_park0088 c5m2_park0120

more screens below…