International Consumer Day

It was a good day yesterday. On March 15th whole Europe was celebrating the International Consumer Day.

People from We Want Live managed to contact Polish Federation of Consumers. And according to them Microsoft is selling a broken/missing product on the Polish market and the Polish XboX 360 users can easily get their money back by returning their consoles to the shop. And there is a chance that you will be able to do the same…with XboX 360 games that don’t have working multiplayer features.

We Want Live members gathered over 100 different things that is being treated as proof  by the Federation. It’s mostly scans and pictures of user manuals of the console (which encourage people to create an XboX Live account and plug their console to the Internet).

Will Microsoft finally say something about it? Even though they did respond in few sentences earlier, some sort of longer and more official message should be announced in the media.

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  1. m!nus

    Just dump the crappy consoles *flame*. A PC is better anyways.

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  2. stranded

    I guess MS will eventually make the XBoX Live work.

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  3. Rad86N

    I know, I can use whatever browser I want even if the IE is a part of Win. I just wanted to point out how long it took them to take care of an issue, EU commission gave them to solve.

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  4. Amadeus


    Oh come on, the whole webbrowser thing was silly. Windows is Microsofts product, so they can include whatever darn software they want. And if people doesn’t know how to change browser, they probably don’t need to.

    It’s just like Apple making Itunes the only program you can use for you Ipod. Actually, the Apple thing is worse. Sue them instead.

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  5. Rad86N

    Micro$oft is like this Umbrella copr. from Resident Evil xD They can do whatever they want!!! How long it took them to remove IE from the core of Windows to offer other 3rd party browsers.

    But I share the oppinion. If you don’t like the console and it’s services, just return it to the seller. Fuchk’em..

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  6. Kossak

    all Polish xbox360 owners should just return their console to the shop and get their money back :D

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