Halloween Sale on Origin – selected games 50% off!

There is a pretty nice sale on Origin right now, selected titles are 50% off (you just gotta complete an easy puzzle first), including Battlefield 3 Premium.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. bezhan

    for me fifa 16 39€

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  2. Gokburt

    For me it’s 34€ (NOK 249,50)

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  3. stranded

    for me it’s like 19€

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  4. slay

    hmz.. BF3 premium is 29.99€ for me

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  5. Faark

    Well, from me they would charge just 40 instead of 50€ for Premium. And the basic BF3 is still 40 bucks, more than i have payed nearly a year ago for the LE. :O
    The only kind of fair deal is the Premium Edition, all for 48€ for non-bf3-owners. Maybe also CQ alone… at least for CQ-fans like me :/

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