Halloween Giveaway 2012 is here!

Lots of stores have great deals and all right now but hey, nothing better than free games right?

Here it is! Happy Halloween Lottery everyone! ;-)

Tell your friends!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. hunshiki

    We bought a couple of BF2 and Karkand keys back then from them, but all works 100% OK and the keys got delivered in no time. I’m not saying you should buy from them, I just had a positive experience that time.

    After seeing all those comments on their site (Facebook), I would think twice now. (Wouldn’t buy from them.)

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  2. Tommy

    so you little cunt appearently got the game today and already played 104 games? a game lasts let’s say 30-90 minutes. kinda doesn’t work , does it ? 117.1hrs in spectator client seem legit as well

    dota2 game overview https://dotabuff.com/players/106464695
    steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/CriTicalURSA
    and comment on strandeds profile CriTical – Can i have a Dota 2 Invite please its my birthday today please

    you ugly motherfucker. be sure to ban him from the lottery

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    1. bloodseeker_0918

      Sorry for what happened then because i only want is Dota 2 for my bestfriend and i promise that i’ll give him and I have no money to buy Dota 2…
      I am very sorry for the lie i make to you

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  3. rottencat

    so… dude where are my game(s)!? :p

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  4. stranded

    @Lex Tertia

    I know I know, but hey! It’s free games, it’s not like we’re going to scam anyone with free games.

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  5. slay

    hint: freddy is from my little pony. I know, this is the right answer, I just answered like that

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  6. CDKeyprices

    Good luck guys!

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  7. stranded

    I made the comments easier on eyes lol

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  8. stranded

    @f3d3r1c0mb4t I have few Dota 2 copies myself ;-) but I guess we can give yours away too, add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/stranded


    there are no rules really, you just click on the image above and fill out the form, winners are completely random

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  9. rottencat

    thanks. if i won i will gift the game(s) i have in quick-post here.

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  10. f3d3r1c0mb4t

    Hey Stranded, I have 2 copies of DotA 2, if you want to add them, let me know it. ( I also may add other things :P)

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  11. Vanapapi

    Where are the rules?

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  12. stranded


    around 22:00 (10pm)? at least I’ll try ;-)

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  13. smutsig

    wut wut

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  14. Rihysh

    Where we can see results in friday? =)

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    1. Lex Tertia

      Intkeys… How could you make a deal with them? In my opinion they still owe me a refund for Max Payne 3 but they never answered. And I’m not the only one who experienced problems with this shop. Just follow the link to your other sponsor http://cdkeyprices.com/cd-key-shop-review/intkeys/ and read some reviews.

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