Get Rocket Arena for FREE on Origin, Xbox One and PS4!

Here’s how to get your free copy of Rocket Arena!

Visit this website

  • Choose “Codes and Promotions” -> “Promotion questions”
  • Enter “LETSROCKET”
  • Fill in “LETSROCKET” in subject and issue fields
  • Choose “Email us”

Wait for Rocket Arena to appear in your library.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Hamza Bin Waseem

    Hiya Stranded!

    I still have not received the game in my Origin account! :(

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  2. Bandy

    I have managed to get a key for Xbox but all other platforms were already gone :(

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  3. cmgFX2

    Steam option don’t let you email, just call or chat. PS4,XB and Origin let you email the request.

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  4. William

    Same as the other comment. I haven’t received the game

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  5. Hamza Bin Waseem

    So we need to create a support case using the above steps?

    I clicked on promotion questions and I didn’t get a filed to enter “LETSROCKET”

    Any way I clicked on contact options and wrote in Subject and describe issue only LETSROCKET.

    After that I received an email from Ea customer service that they have received my request.

    I have followed All steps in the right way?

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