Games Rocket is shutting down!

Oh dear, another Steam alternative store, from Germany, is closing later this month. It’s really sad to see another store go in such short period of time. More info below.

“It was a hard decision for us, but Gamesrocket GmbH was liquidated on December 31st 2016. Gamesrocket was founded in October 2010 located in Aschaffenburg, Germany and it was our goal to pass on our passion for games to our customers. Since then we offer a variety of games, software and gamecards.

Over time we’ve established close and trusting partnerships to our publishers and official distributors. It was always a pleasure working with you and we want to thank all our partners for the collaboration.

The bitter truth is that the market and the general conditions haven’t developed like we had forecasted it in 2010. As an official licensed software partner, you receive terms which are not as good as in traditional physical trade. Unfortunately, this hasn’t changed much in the past years. Other international resellers get their codes in digital form easily from PC wholesalers. The growth of the market is determined by EU foreign competitors with aggressive price positioning, who don’t include value added tax to their prices. Many publisher of PC games struggle to approach this issue. These circumstances make it even more difficult to stay profitable with official digital reselling of video games with a registered office in Europe.

In the end, it was a strategic decision to discontinue the ongoing business in its current form. It was a free entrepreneurial decision and current contracts with the employees will be fulfilled. The employees of Gamesrocket were informed at an early stage. We want to thank all our current and former employees for their contribution during the past six years.

Gamesrocket shops will sell until January 31st 2017. Starting on February 1st customers will have the chance to gain access to their download files and create a backup copy of them. This access will last for the whole month of February…

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